Do you feel set free?

4 Mar


GRRL PAL are back with another new single for February, “Set Free.” This is a slower track than I’m used to with these Aussies, but it is mesmerizing. Be set free below.

There are a lot of good elements here that come together seamlessly. Cooing in the background provides a backdrop for the real question- do you feel set free? Throughout, there is a spatial drone, mixed with sparing synth. This song could be on loop for hours, and I think I’d be okay with that. At some point it simply becomes part of the background, not demanding your attention, but unable to be ignored.

“Set Free” will be the closing track on GRRL PAL’s next EP due out in April. Find out more on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud.

We grow as time goes by

3 Mar

Le Masque is a new psych-pop project coming from London. Give “Time Goes By” a listen and you’ll realize that this is something memorable. The distorted harp throughout is gold, and lightens the heavy showgaze haze that hangs over the vocals and sparing bassline. This music is for when things work out even if they are going sour, and for nostalgia without vitriol. Time heals all wounds, even the wounds that time itself has inflicted.

“Time Goes By” is from Le Masque’s Spiral EP, which you can find on Bandcamp. Find more information on Le Masque on his Facebook and Twitter.

Out of sight, out of music: Filardo, Winter, and Sales

2 Mar

I really wish there were more lights to illuminate Sales a little better.

If I were ever to become famous, I think I’d be like Sales. They played to a riled crowd at the Echo in LA last Tuesday, and couldn’t disguise how grateful they were for all the support.

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“Heel Turn 2″ – New Release off of Mountain Goats’ Upcoming Beat The Champ

1 Mar


Yes, unfortunately we have to wait until April 7 for Beat The Champ, The Mountain Goats’ 15th LP, to be released in the U.S. While we patiently await John Darnielle’s ode to wrestling and “death and difficult-to-navigate interior spaces,” Darnielle is slowly releasing a few tracks off the new album. Today, Darnielle leaked “Heel Turn 2″. Let’s take a listen.

Readers of the Music Court know that I am a big Mountain Goats fan. There is a reason why The Mountain Goats frequent my iTunes favorites list more than almost every band I have music from (second to the Beatles, which is a heck of a compliment). Beat The Champ is the first Mountain Goats release since 2012’s Transcendental Youth. The Mountain Goats do have the unique ability to record consistently incredible albums. It’s tremendous. Darnielle never has a let-down.

“Heel Turn 2″ is a classic Darnielle track. It bounces with a driving acoustic guitar and poppy percussion. This is supplemented with some creative instrumentation – lounge piano and ethereal guitar. It’s melancholic (“I don’t want to die in here” is a lyric) and dulcet. The song is almost split into two pieces – one a Mountain Goats standard and the second a lugubriously beautiful piano piece. Heck of a song!

Seeing is Believing: Body Language and Sego

26 Feb
Body Language 1

Body Language at the Echo

Last time I saw Sego, I told you guys about it. I checked to see when they would be playing next, knowing I pretty much have my pick of east LA venues; they’re based here, so they play around the city a lot. I found their next show at the Echo, opening for Body Language. That sounded great, but for some reason I had relatively low expectations for the show; sure, I loved Sego, but I’ve seen them a couple times already, and how good could Body Language really be? Call me a pessimist. (Later I found out, Body Language is actually known for being an incredible live band. D’oh.) Turns out both bands more than exceeded my expectations, and this show has become one of my all-time favorites.

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