Hidden Roots Shows A Reflective Vibe From Musician luliano

26 May

Intially turning on luliano’s music will make listeners want to reflect on his strong lyrics and effortless sound. On the other hand on some other tracks, listeners will want to dance while listening to the feel good music that luliano creates. Drawing comparisons to the musicians Mika and Devendra Banhart, luliano combines vocal similarities with the sound of electric and nylon guitar strings in the background of his tracks. Listeners can also hear a subtle hint of Toro y Moi within his music as well. Hidden Roots is not only well formed in sound, but tells us just a start of what luliano has in store for the future. Hearing musical inspiration from all around Europe, luliano crafts his sound into something we can all experience when turning on Hidden Roots in our headphones.

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Aya Maguire Enchants With Powerful Voice & Heartbreak Timeline On Album The Sandcastle King

26 May

Aya Maguire enchants listeners with a powerful voice on her album The Sandcastle King. Words cannot even describe her exact sound. When listening, one can find similarities with Copeland and Fleetwood Mac. From the poignant lyrics and descriptive visual metaphors, Maguire makes her voice into a storytelling instrument. Her storytelling talents are just as powerful as the acoustic guitar that hums in the background of her music. Sharing her music at first in Portland and Seattle, she then drew on the influences of folk and reflections and channeled that into her overall sound. The album exemplifies the waves of heartbreak, unrequited love, growth, and shows how one turns struggles into strengthened victories. Quoting Maguire directly, she explains that “not everything one feels can become good music, honest emotion is just one necessary component”. By mixing in authentic reflecting and a powerful voice, she makes a statement on the album The Sandcastle King that announces she has arrived for listeners to hear her stories.

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Paper Planes Volume 1 Combines Musings & Imagery In A Musical Masterpiece

20 May

Listeners when first hearing Paper Planes Volume 1, will anticipate an album very reminiscent of Islands, Apples In Stereo, Fun, and a dash of American Analog Set. Mixed with the sound qualities comparable to what an audience would experience front row of a musical, Kicklighter intrigues listeners with his unique sound. With lyrics that are part narrative and full of emotion, his word choice and descriptive imagery sets him apart amongst musicians within this quirky genre. “All the world, a possibility, never got to know you so well, the moment was gone” is just a small snippet of word greatness that this album showcases. Words can’t really describe how masterful and appealing Paper Planes Volume 1 truly is until one listens to the collection and reflects on the wonderment their ears have experienced. Paper Planes Volume 2, I’m ready for your tracks to fill my living room, blasting sound in my headphones walking on my sidewalk stroll to work, and playing in the car while setting out for an adventure.

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Tipping My Hat To Leonard Shapes David William’s Sound

20 May

When first listening to David Williams, one is taken back to the classic jazz musicians and their characteristics of being strong vocalists. Featured on the track is a mix of sultry jazz and a reflecting lyrical rant. With the strumming of the guitar and the light variety of other instruments in the background, Williams pays homage to the traditional gypsy jazz while making it into something completely his own. The accordion, harmonica, and mandolin guitar are just a couple of the many types of instruments that are used in this album. As if his unique approach to Tipping My Hat To Leonard isn’t enough, David has also written books on fiction, poetry, and neuroscience and mythology, while simultaneously teaching classes on writing as well at universities. From the traditional jazz qualities mixed in with gypsy jazz, Williams has listeners earnestly awaiting more of his mesmerizing and enchanting sound.

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Pale Blue Dot Serves Up Raw Emotion In Album Anatomy

19 May

Pale Blue Dot is set to release their album Anatomy and it doesn’t disappoint with its raw and real sound. Reminiscent of Nickelback, Tony Larocco’s voice draws listeners in. Steady beats of bass and drum rhythms set the baseline for the vibe and sound of the album. Mixing in songs about strength, overcoming, and determination fill the track list. With standout tracks like Only Love and Canyons, Pale Blue Dot does a good job of mixing a variety of types of songs on their album. Not only does the album Anatomy, captivate listeners but it also allows them to connect to the deep emotions being expressed through the tracks as well. Known amongst the Charlottesville music scene, Pale Blue Dot stands out far beyond the borders of Virginia.

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