Lyric of the Day #8

2 Jun

I was waiting for number eight because this means our first Beatles lyrics. One cannot get any better then The Beatles and while my favorite band will always be Pink Floyd because their music is…yeah that’s my issue I cannot describe it… The Beatles are easily the most influential band and clearly the best band of all time. It is a close second.

So the lyrics I bring to you today are from a song released on the 1964 album Beatles for Sale. Any guesses? I will give you a clue: Eight Days A Week

“Ain’t got nothin’but love babe,
Eight days a week.”

         – The Beatles, “Eight Days a Week,” off of Beatles for Sale

But, of course, working hard for all eight days. The story of who came up with the title is interesting. Paul McCartney has given credit to his chauffer and to Ringo Starr impersonating a chauffer, both saying the famous line, “Working eight days a week.” Don’t worry my memory is spotty too. Whatever it may be sometimes you gotta work that extra day. It is two a.m. and I feel that I have been working eight days.

This 1964 song is the perfect transition into a new section that will appear later today. Yes, sometime today we will debut the 60’s Band of the Week. Check back and learn about the first band. Who they were? What they were about? All of their interesting stories and more! So, check back later today for some links and the first installment of 60’s Band of The Week.

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