Song of the Day #13: “My Love,” Paul McCartney and Wings

9 Jun


             My Love

               Sticking with Paul McCartney, on this date in 1973, Paul McCartney hit #1 on the charts with “My Love,” recorded with his Wings on their 1973 album Red Rose Speedway. The Beatles were finished and all were off embarking on solo careers. While Paul McCartney was pouring his heart into love songs, Ringo Starr was off recording songs like a cover of the fantastically titled, “No No Song,” where a recovering drug addict refuses drugs. Don’t you just love contrast. But, I kid, the song is actually quite catchy and so is Paul McCartney’s touching hit which sat #1 on the chart for most of June. Only a year later “Band on the Run,” also by flying Paul McCartney hit #1 in June. The man likes June.

         And wait, because I enjoy useless knowledge, guess who followed Paul as #1 on the Billboard top 100. I’ll give you a clue. His initials are GH and he was a Beatle. Okay pretty revealing clue. With, “Give Me Love,” George Harrison followed Paul. And, wait just one second I got you one more. Following George was the late great Billy Preston with his hit, “Will it Go Round in Circles.”

             Preston, known as the fifth Beatle, was given joint credit for the official Beatles-sanctioned release of “Get Back,” the only one to ever hold this honor. For all Beatles nuts reading this and going no no (I do not want the drugs) Matt you are wrong the Beatles backed for Tony Sheridan when they were new and in Hamburg. Yes, you are correct imaginary Beatles fans that are questioning me. Yet, these were unsanctioned reissues. My head is spinning with titles. Just understand he worked with The Beatles with the recording of the penultimate album Let it Be and The Beatles final release Abbey Road. Whether or not Let it Be is the penultimate album or not is also debated but simply I do not think it really matters. Whatever it may be, Billy Preston followed George who followed Paul all in 1973 with #1 hits and this is, in my opinion, an awesome coincidence.

           Just for the heck of it I would like to mention that later in 1973 Ringo hit #1 with “Photograph.” Can’t leave Ringo out.

Don't you just love the internet. An awesome photo with The Beatles and Billy Preston in the studio

Don't you just love the internet. An awesome photo with The Beatles and Billy Preston in the studio












 Check out Paul’s “My Love”: 

  Check out Billy Preston’s afro on The Midnight Special and “Will it Go Round in Circles:”

Check out George Harrisons “Give Me Love” and a nice tribute:

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