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11 Jun

           Still recovering from the amazing concert last night. I want to thank all of the new viewers of the blog for checking out the review and the blog as a whole. It means a lot and I hope you all check back soon for the daily updates of the Lyric and Song of the day, as well as, more concert reviews, new bands, and 60’s band.

        Today, between attempting to fix my forever flawed golf game and going to see my New York Mets tonight I will be posting the new lyric and song of the day after the game. But I cannot go the whole day without giving you some lyrics. So, from Clapton’s vocal chords himself yesterday I bring you some fantastic lyrics from Big Maceo’s “Tough Luck Blues,” from 1941.

“I used to have a car
An he was painted white an black
I couldn’t keep up the payments
An the man, he took it back”

Big Maceo

Big Maceo

Clapton and Winwood’s version was amazing and for those who will have the pleasure of seeing the show on the remaining thirteen dates are in for a treat if he plays it again.

Also, through my usual online searching I came across an interesting article. Jeff Beck, who replaced Clapton in The Yardbirds after he left due to musical differences, was actually asked to become a member of The Rolling Stones in 1974 after Mick Taylor quit. “I thought, ‘This is a life of booze and women. Who needs that?’ So I caught the next plane out,” Beck said. Ronnie Wood, former Faces musician, took his place and is still a rolling stone today. Interesting read. Check it out:

Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck

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