Song of the Day #19: “The Theft” by Atreyu

17 Jun

I was looking through my iTunes library the other day, kind of for no reason, when I stumbled across the A’s and along with that, the band Atreyu.  I started listening to them and came upon the track “The Theft” which reminded me of the reason why I started listening to post-hardcore/screemo music.  The song is the second single off of the bands  third studio album “A Death Grip On Yesterday”, which was released in 2006, and is about the bands lead singer and lyricists stolen life and freedom during his bout with alcoholism.

The song starts off with a very epic intro on the drums and guitar by drummer/backup vocalist Brandon Saller and guitarists Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel after a few seconds of feedback leading in.  Then the first verse begins, sung by lead singer/lyricist Alex Varkatzasit’s accomapanied by a very soft instrumental background. The chorus then bursts in and backup Brandon Saller starts singing the melody while Alex Varkatzasit switches to screaming back every few lines that Brandon Saller sings which makes for an interesting vocal interplay that works well for this genre of music.

The lyrics are accompanied by the haunting video painting a picture of a boy going through his life and losing his innocence.  He is portrayed as just going along with what his parents wish of him, such as taking a corporate job until he is too old and frail and life has passed ending with the band performing in the winter version of his favorite childhood memory of flying a kite.  



P.S: If you like this song also check out Falling Down by Atreyu which off of their fourth studio albums “Lead Sails Paper Anchors” (released in 2007) and it shows the bands talents at a little more fast pace beat.

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