Links of the Day: Vinyls and Freebird

8 Jul


The Old Links are Back!!!

The Old Links are Back!!!

              An interesting combo for today’s links of the day. Two things that do indeed go together. I can prove it, I have the Vinyl record. Vinyls are apparently on the rise according to Pop and Hiss the LA Times music blog. Yes, Vinyls those big 12 inch LP’s that you need to spin with a needle that fits around 5-6 songs per side. Apparently people like nostalgia and I am one of them. With the rise of classic rock, vinyl record sales were sure to go up. It would seem that the youth is so used to torrenting and downloading music that while CD’s have lost their draw, records almost give this youth an old-time feeling.

Check out the article:


Also, stop shouting  play “Freebird” at every concert if anyone still does that. The Lynyrd Skynyrd classic and the corresponding joke is long gone and over with. What punk! You don’t believe me.

Check out the article:,0,4832778,full.story

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