Court Link/Weekend Schedule: Evidence of the End of World

16 Oct

The Music Court is becoming organized and absolutely immature at the same time in this one post. The weekend schedule presently looks like this. Today I may be posting my response to Josh’s Eric Clapton defense. I will be defending Jimi Hendrix as the greatest guitarist of all time. While, yes, I do agree with Josh in most of his analysis, I want to present a few things about Jimi that I find set him apart from Mr. Clapton. On Saturday, Anthony will be posting another visual music, capping off his comeback tour trifecta. Please come back to normal posting Anthony; Please, I’m Begging YOU!!!! Okay, my desperation is just making me seem, well, desperate, on to Josh. I am forcing Josh to post a guess the lyric on Sunday and he doesn’t even know it yet, *evil laugh* Oh, and on Saturday, I will do my best to post a lyricist of the day, if I get to the Clapton response tonight.

My Clapton response was actually made easier by this link which proves that the end of the world is upon us. Read: Two question: Why? and uh… Clapton, seriously, Why? Anthony also pointed out to me that a song like this was already released. If the album is anything like this it will be fantastic.

Bill Cosby

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