Court Links: A Few Links Before a Big Posting Day Tomorrow

23 Dec

Today I will not have much time to post, but tomorrow I will. So, I have decided to just profile a few links today and focus on a large posting day tomorrow which will include a poll response and a new poll. Now on to the links. Boy do I have a funny but kind of disturbing one for you.

Ozzy Osbourne, the original Prince of Darkness, apparently does not like Christmas. Well, maybe I should go as far as saying he hates the merry time of the year. Back in 2003 he spent Christmas unconscious due to an accident. That was also the same year a duet with his daughter caught him a rare Christmas #1. Ozzy said while at a book signing,

‘I had a Christmas number one. The only thing is that I was in hospital. When I did that thing with Kelly, I then nearly killed myself in a quad-bike accident.

‘I was in a coma for a while so I missed Christmas, thank God. If I want to miss Christmas, I’ll get on my quad bike and break my neck again.’

Awesome Video
To add to the awesomely new awesome video section here is a video of Roger Waters playing “Mother.” No big deal or anything.

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