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Let it Snow, Let it Snow

26 Feb

Okay, I will not lie to you, I have had a pretty busy day. A combination between unsavory fraternity business, school work and the monstrous snow storm that is pounding Binghamton right now, has led me to 2 a.m. on Friday. I really wanted to get you a top 100 lyricist but that just did not occur. But, because I cannot go without posting, I am going to give you favorite snow song. If you are currently getting hit hard by the snowstorm and keeping awake to watch its fury stay in, keep warm, and enjoy the sweet harmony of Fleet Foxes. Shoot me some comments and let me know what songs you cuddle with on a wintry night


Court Links: Happy Birthday George and Jimi Hendrix’s Interesting Brain

24 Feb

We are going to do a little switch around because of business. I hope to bring you a new Top 100 lyricist tomorrow. But, for tonight, as the skies above Binghamton prepare itself for the massive snow dump it is about to take, I bring you a special Wednesday version of Court Links.

Jimi Hendrix being a lefty and all that jazz

In an interesting article written by veteran journalist Tom Jacobs we are introduced to University of Toledo psychologist Stephen Christman who studied the ambidextrous Jimi Hendrix and indicated in his findings that there is a serious connection between his creativity and the interaction between the brain’s right and left hemispheres.

Check out the article:

A big Happy Birthday to the kick-butt rocker George Thorogood. In honor here is some classic “Bad to the Bone”

SWOD (Song of the Day/Word of the Day) #9

23 Feb

Today’s Word

Bombast (Noun): Pompous or pretentious speech or writing.

Musical Example:

In the rap music genre there seems to be an abundance  of arrogant lyrics. This is a normal right of passage into the rap scene. Rap artists battle others and attempt to place themselves on top of the word/beat pedestal. Yet, some go over the top. Some artists fall into the ultra-arrogant level. I believe some of you may know who I am talking about.

I knew I would be able to find something on this wonderful internet

Kanye West’s bombast is off the charts and at times it approaches sickening but hilarious. Please understand, this is not a hit on Kanye West at all. Yes, he is an arrogant musician, but in many cases this may just be an intelligent act that has made him a lot of money fast. His actions seem stupid but his music is listened to. Take a peek at these lyrics from his song, “The Glory”

“What i supposed to now man the game all messed up
how am i supposed to stand out when everybody gets dressed up
so yeah at the grammy’s i went ultra Travolta
yeah that tuxedo might have been a little Guido
but with my ego i could stand here in a speedo and be looked at like ******* hero!”

Yeah, case closed.

Court Links: Albums Albums and Albums

22 Feb

As you may have been able to infer from the title, this Monday’s version of court links will be specifically focused on albums. An album that will be released tomorrow, and a guide to those that will be released throughout the year of 2010. Let’s begin.

There is a possibility that this may be a good year for music. With anticipated releases from Arcade Fire, Keane, Stone Temple Pilots, U2, Goo Goo Dolls, Maroon 5, Ozzy, and The Weepies (among many more) it would seem that 2010 may be a year that reaches back to older bands releasing more music while also sticking with bands like Arcade Fire to keep with the interesting Indie rock explosion. has been kind enough to put together an organized album preview. Enjoy!

Check it out:

CD Releases (2/23/10)

Sticking with the theme of 2010 music releases let me preview and album that will be released tomorrow.

Of Men and Angels by The Rocket Summer

This is the fourth full-length studio album from the piano and guitar driven solo project of the talented multi-instrumentalist Stephen Bryce Avary. Avary writes every song on his record and he plays every instrument. Of Men and Angels is a 15 track exploration into the meaningful lyric of Avary and into his pop/rock sound.

Check it out:

20,000!!! and Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck: Night 2

20 Feb

20,000 views! Hooray! Pop the champagne and sip triumph. Just kidding; but 20,000 is pretty exciting. And, what better way is there to celebrate than with day 2 of Clapton and Beck.

I had first hand accounts this time around. My parents were at the concert and according to them it was a fantastic show. As my father said, “Beck was extraordinary and Clapton was Clapton.” He also said, “The combination of the two was great. It was arguably two of the greatest guitarists of all time.” What can be wrong with that?

Beck had a slight change in his set-list adding his original “Brush With The Blues” to the 10 song masterpiece he played the first night. Otherwise, everything stayed the same. The unbelievable same!

So, in honor of 20,000 hits and Clapton and Beck finishing up their New York stay let’s enjoy a little “Further On Up the Road”

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