Things to never do #4: Bank on your reputation to give a performance for you.

8 Feb

So I am sitting–bored out of my mind– in my Animal Physiology class right now. However, my mind was wandering, and I began to think back to last night’s superbowl. Unfortunately, I also thought back to last night’s halftime performance by The Who. How disappointing.

The vocals were shaky, the music was shaky, and so became my respect for this group. The performance was lackluster, clearly banking on the reputation that the band had developed over the years. The medley they played most definitely covered some of their great songs, but the delivery fell unfortunately short. The songs were played and sung with the vigor of a stale waffle.

So, please make sure you give it your all when you perform. Don’t lose the musicality because of past success. Everyone has room to improve…

except Eric Clapton, of course.

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