Open Your Mind for Headtronics

14 Apr

Band: Headtronics

Genre: Jazz, Funk, Electronic dance music


– DJ Logic (Turntables)

– Freekbass (Bass)

– Steve Molitz (Keyboards)

Band Preview

In 1968, Eric Clapton, coming off a stint with John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers, teamed up with Jack Bruce (formerly of John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, Graham Bond Organisation, and Manfred Mann) and Ginger Baker (formerly of  Graham Bond Organisation) to form one of the first supergroups, a combination of musicians already well-known for their work in other bands. The term was coined in 1968 from the title of a session album by Al Kooper, Mike Bloomfield and Stephen Stills. The album was titled Super Sessions.

Supergroups are still rocking the music community in the 2010’s. One such fresh supergroup just hitting the road for the first time in six days, performing their first show at The Crosstown Station in Kansas City, MO at 10 p.m. is funktronica supergroup Headtronics.

Headtronics is composed of three of today’s exciting funk musicians, keyboardist Steve Molitz (formerly of Particle and Phil Lesh and Friends), aptly titled bassist Freekbass (seven time Cincinnati music award winner), and talented turntablist DJ Logic.

Moltiz, Freakbass and DJ Logic met at the Church of Universal Love and Music Festival last summer, and after an on-stage jam session they decided to play some shows together. Music fans open your minds and allow the music of Headtronics to pour inside. Check out their myspace page for a song sample:

I had the opportunity to interview Molitz about the band and where he sees the project going in the future.

  1. Music Court: Describe for me how the Church of Universal Love and Music Festival last
    summer inspired you all to form Headtronics. Had you ever collaborated
    before prior to that event.

    Steve Molitz: The CULM Fest was the first time that we all played together. There was enough synergy while the three of of us were improvising that we decided to explore the combination and the sound a bit more.

  2. MC: Can you give me an idea of Headtronics’ sound? What will the music be

    SM: I think it’ll be a nice mix of funk, groove, jazz, and electronic dance music…

  3. MC: Headtronics is an awesome name. Where did it spawn from?

    SM: Bootsy Collins thought of it… (Bootsy Collins is a legendary funk musician)

  4. MC: Your tour is just about to start. Can you tell fans who are going to
    flock to venues to see Headtronics what they can expect from the

    SM: Since this is our first tour together, even we don’t know exactly what to expect! So, I suppose fans can just expect the unexpected, and they can expect to dance…

  5. MC: Are you planning on taking this collaboration into the studio?

    SM: Absolutely!

  6. MC: You all have such a diverse musical background. I am wondering, if you
    were stuck on a desert island with only access to three songs, what songs
    would you choose?

    1. Bob Marley: No Woman No Cry
    2. Paul Simon: Homeless
    3. Michael Jackson: Man In The Mirror

Good choices by Molitz.

Concert Times:

Tuesday, April 20th The Crosstown Station, Kansas City, MO at 10:00 pm

Wednesday, April 21st Cherokee 2720, St. Louis, MO at 9:00 pm

Thursday, April 22nd Headliner’sm Louisville, KY Time TBA

Friday, April 23rd The V Club, Huntington, WV Time TBA

Saturday, April 24th The Play by Play, Cincinnati, OH Time TBA

Monday April 26th Cosmic Charlie’s, Lexington, KY at 10:00 pm

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    […] The band played nine songs during the first set, including a jazzy rendition of “The Weight” which included Steve Molitz on keys and Rich Robinson on guitar. Molitz, for those who don’t remember, was actually featured on this blog before with his side project Headtronics. He is an excellent keyboard player and it was awesome to see him live. (Check out that post here: […]

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