Note to Liam Gallagher: Leave the Beatles Alone

10 May

"Love, love me do" Photo: Forrest/Getty

Another day, another news article linking Liam Gallagher to the Beatles. After Oasis’ seventh and final studio album Dig Out Your Soul succeeded in consciously being a mock Beatles’ album, Gallagher is now embarking on a journey into Beatles film, buying the rights to The Longest Cocktail Party, which tells the behind-the-scenes story of the Beatles’ Apple empire.

When Ben Folds first played his keys on the music scene he was immediately compared to piano men like Elton John and Billy Joel. He responded by completely rejecting the comparison, and even going so far as poking fun at them. When the British fab four (five) part II came onto the music scene in 1991, they to were given the ultimate comparison to a budding Beatles. Yet, instead of rejecting this obviously false claim, they played right into it and eventually succumbed to the trap of constantly trying to be the Beatles. I am not claiming this is bad. Their music is catchy pop/rock and I enjoy some of it, but, come on Oasis (especially Liam Gallagher), leave the Beatles alone.

Gallagher’s recently formed “In 1 Productions” announced a few days ago that they plan to produce and develop a feature film based on Richard DeLello’s book.

It is unclear what role Gallagher will play, but, I doubt it will be anything minor. Gallagher probably cannot wait to get his hands on making this movie and, well, who could blame him? If you have it flaunt it right. At least we can be assured he will make the Beatles look good.


On to some honorable news. Chicago, the incredibly successful veteran rock n’roll band, has recently teamed up with the American Cancer Society for a new promotion called “Sing with Chicago.” On Ebay, fans can bid on a special prize package that includes two tickets to a Chicago concert during their current U.S. tour and an opportunity to sing their hit 1976 song ‘If You Leave Me Now’ at the show on stage with them. Bids start at $500, or you can just bypass all of the bidding and buy the package for $1500. This is awesome. I always enjoy seeing worldly musicians giving back, and this charity is both creative and kind-hearted. A big tip of my hat (to quote Stephen Colbert) to the members of Chicago. 



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