Waterin’ The Plants- Episode 2: Electric Boogaloo

29 May

So, I vaguely referenced what I was going make this post about previously, and now it’s time for the shocking reveal. In this post, I will be stealing Amanda’s thunder and ‘bestowing the crown’ on Jenny Lewis. Now I’m not sure if it every actually happened or if I just hallucinated it, but I recall wanted to yell at Amanda for never doing this herself.

Why Jenny Lewis, you ask? I say she pretty darn well deserves it. She started out as a child actor, and on few occasions did some acting of the non-child variety. Ever see Pleasantville? She was totally in that! How about Bolt? Not only did she provide one of the voices, she provided one of the songs on the soundtrack, “Barking at the Moon.”

Unlike most child stars, she did not follow her early days in the spotlight with a slow descent into drugs, depression, suicide attempts, and VH1 specials. Lewis moved on to Rilo Kiley, where as you heard from my last post, she made some pretty good music. Following Rilo Kiley, she launched a solo career and continued to make pretty good music (I’d recommend “Happy” off the album “Rabbit Fur Coat”). If all that music-y goodness wasn’t enough, she’s collaborated with plenty of other musicians with the end result of- you guessed it- pretty good music. Her collaborations include songs with The Good Life, Bright Eyes, The Postal Service, and Elvis Costello.

So the defense rests. No further questions, your honor. Get that woman a crown.


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