The Silver Machine likes Chocolate

16 Jun

Billy Gillespie, frontman for the band Primal Scream, has announced a one-night-only supergroup called Silver Machine that will take the stage at London’s 1234 festival in Shoreditch on July 24. The band consists of Gillespie, Zac Starkey, who plays drums for The Who and, if you do not know, is also the son of one Ringo Starr, Sex Pistols’ bassist Glen Matlock and Primal Scream guitarists Andrew Innes and Barrie Cadogan.


When Silver Machine takes the stage they will immediately be in the pool of one-off collaborations competing with The Dirty Mac for best one-time rock combination. The Dirty Mac consisted of Starr’s bandmate John Lennon, guitarist Eric Clapton, Rolling Stone’s guitarist Keith Richards, and Jimi Hendrix Experience’ drummer Mitch Mitchell. They played at the The Rolling Stones’ TV special entitled “The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus,” which was recorded on December 11, 1968. This is a great opportunity to show you all one of the coolest rock videos ever.

Anyway, Silver Machine is planning on playing covers of some of their favorite songs from their favorite artists. This includes bands like The Troggs, MC5, The Creation and an often looked over band, The Chocolate Watchband.

The Chocolate Watchband were a garage rock and psychedelic band formed in San Jose, California in 1965. The music was a mix of the blues/psychedelic sound that was swirling around San Francisco, California at the time. In 1967 the band, already having experienced a line-up change, released their first LP entitled, No Way Out. This album is not talked about much, but is a true gem of the late 60’s burgeoning psychedelic experimentation. “Dark Side of the Mushroom,” – 6 years before the moon – is a fantastic piece of instrumental psychedelia.


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