Nicki Minaj Massive Attack?

23 Jun

Hey there all,

I’m sure that if you are even slightly familiar with the hip-hop scene you have heard of Nicki Minaj. The Queens native has collaborated with the likes of Mariah Carey, Usher and Diddy, often featured alongside staple counterparts Drake and Lil’ Wayne.

Nicki "Barbie" Minaj

She’s been the focus of attention as of late, partially because of the summer release of a solo album and a hyped-semi feud with rapper Lil’ Kim (Kim maintains that Minaj has not paid enough respect and “homage” to her position as an artist).

Currently Minaj, a self declared modern day Barbie, is thought by many to have taken the place of Lil’ Kim in the rap scene. Fresh blood and new perspective has lent the up and coming artist waves of attention. With her ultra decadent music video Massive Attack, Minaj seems to affirm a permanent position in the music biz.

But with the supposed beef between Minaj and Kim, one must wonder is there only one spot for a female in hip-hop? What is the source of competition and animosity?

Rap music has such a reputation as hard edged, fueled by the tough grit of masculine energy. I think that Minaj’s flair of aggressive confidence and feminine eccentricity is a perfect complement to the scene. I don’t, however, believe that only one woman should merit the spotlight. Minaj is a fascinating artist, but should not be the only “token” girl rapper on a track.

Minaj and Drake

Yes, there has been others (Eve, Remy Ma, and as aforementioned, Lil’ Kim, to name a few) to make there names known. But as of now, Minaj seems to be taking the lead. But, before asking Barbie to contribute to another song, maybe a few artists should look into other female talent out there.

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