Happy Birthday Colin Blunstone: It is the Time of the Season

24 Jun

It may be late, but it is still June 24 and as long as it remains this date some important musicians are celebrating their birthdays. The expansive list includes Mick Fleetwood, Jeff Beck, Arthur Brown and the often overlooked Colin Blunstone of the 60’s pop/psychedelic group The Zombies.

Colin Blunstone turned 65 today and I want to use this opportunity to wish him a very happy birthday. His soft voice was instrumental in giving The Zombies’ iconic hit “Time of the Season” the whispering, almost spooky, sound that has become synonymous with the psychedelic late 60s. The song, written by Rod Argent, was the last track on Odessey & Oracle which was released in April of 1968. “Time of the Season” only made it on the record because of the urging of Al Kooper (who is best known for bringing Blood, Sweat & Tears together), and it hit the big time over a year after the band broke up. Very strange story. So, in honor of Mr. Blunstone, let me take you back to the summer of love.

One Response to “Happy Birthday Colin Blunstone: It is the Time of the Season”

  1. Deborah Lewi May 29, 2011 at 9:06 pm #

    Loved you then…love you now…incredibly sensitive, smooth voice…sweetheart of a man. Keep on singing and performing….please!

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