Marina and the Diamonds

5 Aug

Quick post today on one of my new favorite artists Marina Diamandis (her stage name sounds like shes part of a group but shes a solo artist).

The Catherine Zeta doppelganger is of Greek/Welsh heritage, and shes known for her quirky style, pitch, and lyrics content.

Beneath are two of my favorite Marina and the Diamonds singles, “Hollywood” and “I Am Not A Robot”.

I really love the social commentary of “Hollywood”. Interesting that such an on-point critique of everything considered classical American is drawn by a foreign perspective. A perfect hybrid of cynicism and kitsch.

“I Am Not A Robot” is equal parts beauty and power. The video is artsy and dramatic, and the lyrics are potent with a message of emotional honesty and self-empowerment.

For an added bonus, hears an acoustic version of “Hollywood”

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