Top 25 Guitarists of all Time #22: Jack White

5 Aug

Hello everyone. I apologize for my absence. It started with finals week in school, and continued with MCAT preparation until a few days ago. Without any further ado, I’m back and ready to present to you all Jack White.

Born John Anthony Gillis in 1975, Jack White is an American. His rise to fame came from his work as a guitarist, pianist, and lead vocalist of The White Stripes. While many lists put White a bit higher on the list, I feel this is a very appropriate position for him. Extremely fond of Gretsch guitars, White catapulted himself to stardom with his distinctive sound. One might wonder how John Anthony Gillis came to be Jack White. Well, it begins at a Memphis smoke bar, where Gillis met his future, albeit ephemeral wife, Meg White. In an unorthodox fashion, a trait that adeptly characterizes Jack White, Gillis chose to adopt Meg’s last name. Interestingly, when White remarried, he kept his ex-wife’s last name.

So, why should Jack White be on this list. After all, a Top 25 list is very exclusive given the countless guitarists the world possesses. Firstly, Jack White seemed to have a magical, musical touch which he used to endow his bands with success and wonderful music. Jack White was a part of many bands, including The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs and, naturally, The White Stripes. White is an ingenious musician, a trait evident by one specific concert, in which The White Stripes played a very short concert. It was so short, that the whole concert consisted of one note. Jack White thinks outside the box, and lets his creativity take over. He does this even in his playing, as he uses his little finger to reach high notes, rather than the usual ring finger. Since his brothers would not teach him how, he taught himself. While technique may not always be certain, one thing is for sure. Jack White has certainly taught the music community a great deal.

Check out White’s spin on things…

2 Responses to “Top 25 Guitarists of all Time #22: Jack White”

  1. eric September 5, 2010 at 4:18 pm #

    jack white is awesome but I think he should be higher he has amazing guitar playing and has a very recognizable riff in seven nation army

  2. brainwashbanksy January 14, 2011 at 2:53 am #

    i just saw jack white at a SuitCase show at “Bar On A” in nyc. he was just standing and watching like everyone else.

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