Honoring Jerry Garcia — Singing the Mets?

11 Aug

Jerry Garcia’s trenchant guitar, smooth and accurate, is still a fantastic example today of what great guitar is supposed to sound like. August 9th saw the 15th anniversary of his passing, and, while it is most shocking that we have already been without such a respected musician for so many years, as Spinner.com’s tribute describes, the delicate sound of his electric has not quite left us yet.

Benjy Eisen finishes up his “Jerry Garcia Remembered” article with the line, “Look: Every guitarist dies. But, perhaps with Jerry Garcia more than most, his voice continues to shine a light on the lives of so many of his fans, while his guitar continues to make a sound.”

How true is this? It stays true to the musician that was Jerry Garcia. Firstly, it was quite hard to shut up his guitar. Secondly, it was equally as hard to not like him. Garcia’s personality was infectious and he had the utmost respect for his devoted fan base. Devoted may be an understatement.

The music world most definitely misses Jerry, but, pop on Workingman’s Dead and Jerry Garcia is telling you the story of “Casey Jones,” and his guitar is as audible and wonderful as ever. He may be gone but, like a true good artist, he will never be forgotten.

Check out Spinner’s Article:   http://www.spinner.com/2010/08/04/jerry-garcia-dead-15-year-anniversary/

Julian Casablancas at Citi Field watching the Mets

For your information, Julian Casablancas, vocalist and chief songwriter for The Strokes, is a big New York Mets fans. No wonder he wrote a song called, “I Can’t Win.” Seriously Julian, I feel that way too with the Mets. Anyway, apparently Casablancas wants to combine his love for music with his love for the Metsies.

He tells Rolling Stone magazine, “My next thing is I want to write the new TV theme song for the Mets. I’m totally serious – I have some ideas, I have to see if they like it.”

A Strokes twist to “Meet the Mets?” Stay tuned.

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