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The Music Court’s Fall Concert Schedule

30 Sep

Come see the Music Court on tour? No, not really. Sorry for getting your hopes up. But, I have finally finalized my own concert attendance schedule and that is pretty exciting. You may have received bits and pieces of this information over the past few weeks, but, now that it is officially down, I am going to list it below. This Fall I am getting back into my concert mood and seeing three exciting shows. First up, the quintessential college band.

Show: Guster

Date: Monday, Oct. 25

Location: Ithaca, NY

Celebrating?: Release of new album Easy Wonderful

Preview: I saw Guster in concert at the Beacon theater when I was a senior in high school. I am now a senior in college now, but I am still as excited as I was back then to see Guster now. Easy Wonderful will be released in a few days and the songs I have heard from the album all seem to be right up Guster’s musical alleyway. I expect a nice mix between old and new material. Plus, I am going with my girlfriend and my brother (both have never seen Guster before) so it will be awesome seeing how they react to the performance. Guster is excellent live. Excellent! This will be fun.


Show: The Weepies

Date: Friday, Nov. 5

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Celebrating?: The recent release of their new album Be My Thrill

Preview: Unlike the Guster concert, I am really not sure what to expect from the Weepies. I believe I will experience an intimate show where they run through a lot of their well-known old stuff. I presume I will hear the new album as well, but, since the Weepies do not tour frequently, I am looking to hear Weepies’ oldies. They better play “World Spins Madly On.”

Show: Bob Dylan

Date: Nov. 17

Location: Binghamton, NY

Celebrating: It’s Bob Dylan

Preview: And then comes Mr. Dylan. I saw him at Nassau Coliseum back when I was in High School and I expect to see a completely different show. That is one thing awesome about the tambourine man…he always changes up his songs. The man is on a tremendous streak of an insane amount of performances over the past 2o or so years and 2010 is no difference. I mean he is coming to Binghamton…again. That says it all. Can’t wait to see you, Bob.


I Now Pronounce You: Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame Worthy

29 Sep

It’s the story of the Hall of Fame. One already inducted rock ‘n’ roller unexpectedly makes a dream come true as other rock ‘n’ roll all-stars wait to possibly hear their name announced at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction. Let’s start with the lounger.

Hey...isn't that Bruce Springsteen

That question (look at picture) was on the mind of Ed Dwyer, his fiance Jennifer Smith, and his friend as they were participating in an engagement photo shoot on the beach of Manasquan, New Jersey. Dwyer, a musician, happened to be strumming his guitar on the beach and Springsteen, who actually was sitting on a bench close to the beach, took an interest in the 32-year-old musician.

“”Bruce said to Ed, ‘Play that box,’ said Smith. “Ed’s reaction was, ‘No, you’re Bruce Springsteen, so, here, you play.’ ”

So, that is what he did. The couple got the opportunity to just chill with Bruce Springsteen and take a few laid-back engagement photos with him. According to Dwyer, Springsteen was “laid back and chill”

Bruce even fooled the photographer initially. “He just looked like this really cool guy hanging out on a bench at sunset with friends,” Kella MacPhee said.

That is just amazing. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. Occasionally, these awesome events happen and I hope musicians understand that they can make someone’s life. This couple now has pictures and a story that will last them a lifetime. Springsteen acted like a true professional and I am sure he had some fun with them. Talk about those:


Article Link:

The king of New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen, has already been inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame (which is pictured above). The nominations for the 2011 class has been released and on it is what many people consider to be the prince of New Jersey, Bob Jovi.

The list includes first-time nominees, Jovi, Donovan, Alice Cooper, Dr. John and Neil Diamond.

Also on this list is, Tom Waits, the Beastie Boys, Chic, Donna Summer, LL Cool J and a few more.

Artists first become eligible for nomination 25 years after the release of their first single or album. The 2011 inductees will be announced in December and the induction ceremony will be held at the Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan on March 14.

Out of all of the nominees, I think the only lock is Bon Jovi…no surprise there. I do hope that Cooper is inducted. He deserves the respect.

Article Link:

Bob Dylan to Binghamton (For all you Upstate New Yorkers)

28 Sep

Folk troubadour Bob Dylan is coming back to Binghamton.

The legendary musician will roll into Binghamton University‘s Events Center for the second time. He performed one of the first ever concerts at the Events Center in November of 2004.

Dylan is scheduled to perform on Nov. 17 at 8 p.m. Tickets go on sale Oct. 9 at 10 a.m., with a pre-sale commencing at 10 a.m. on Oct. 5.

Magic City Productions, an Endicott-based promotions company, is accountable for Dylan’s Events Center date. The SA was not involved with the planning or monetary backing of this Fall concert.

The “Never Ending Tour” has become a appropriate name for Dylan’s ceaseless tour schedule since June 7, 1988. Dylan has performed with several musicians over the past 20 years for the around 100 shows he plays each year.

Dylan, who turned 69 in May, will release a new album of his earlier demo work on Oct. 19 this year. The album, “The Witmark Demos: 1962-1964” will include 47 demo recordings.

Dylan is perhaps best known as one of rock music’s first musical activists, blending civil rights and anti-war messages into his powerful lyric. His raspy croon has become a staple in the broad history of rock. Dylan has transcended both time and genres, arguably succeeding in playing everything from blues to country to jazz and swing.

Most recently, he released his 33rd studio album, “Together Through Life” in April of 2009 and his 34th, “Christmas in the Heart,” a Christmas album, in October of the same year.


Yes! Finally a good concert at Binghamton University (the school I go to). I have personally had enough of Binghamton bringing in terrible rappers. Well, this is not being run by our Student Association so, I guess I do not have Binghamton University to thank for this. I saw Dylan a few years ago at Nassau coliseum and while the concert was slightly strange, it was still awesome to see him perform. I am psyched for this concert. Check out the rest of the Fall Schedule

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group – Live

27 Sep

Hello everyone! I have been very busy doing college stuff and have just found time to post again. I got a job delivering calzones and am very happy because now I will have money to buy stuff like CDs! (or just drugs and dumb hippy shit likes plants for my room)

I should have posted this earlier, but on 9/17 I experienced a life changing series of events which compare with my better acid trips. I saw, with many car issues e.g. a flat tire, the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez group live in NYC’s Highline Ballroom!

And that was only the best video I could find. If you could only imagine the rest of the show, you probably should quit your day job and be making music.

Omar was the guy wearing that awesome shirt and standing behind and to the right of the drummer. The drummer, Deatoni Parks, is only one of the drummers that Omar hires (the group’s linup changes on a regular basis), but yea. You just watched that video, right? He’s pretty cool.

I was hallucinating. Like for real. At one point the entire crowd vanished and I was standing there with energy pouring out of an opening in my chest and going into my mind which was then redirecting it to my hands. Among the settings was space, the egyptian desert, and some south american jungles.

And after a certain AC show I went to last summer (which I will write about in the future), I have vowed to only go to shows sober, a policy I adhered to this particular night as well.

When the hallucinations weren’t happening I would close my eyes and sway madly to the rhythm. People around me usually become uneasy when I do this because I tend to sway in odd time signatures and I imagine I must look like a cultist. But if you are passionate and actually listen to music, it is the right thing to do.

I was utterly stunned by the show. Too the point were I stayed after to watch Omar’s younger brother packing up and signing autographs. I didn’t need one because the group had signed my soul. And besides the main man had fled too quickly!

To Omar:
Omar your on-stage mannerisms live up to your music splendidly. If you are reading this then ergsaeriukhgsieuhrgliahoiagaoieurhgaerhgoiuerhg to you too : )
And I still can’t figure out what exactly it is your music does. It’s definitely some psychological or emotional rhythm changes which you have discovered and which have yet to be scientifically studied. For now they are simply known as “Holy shit dude did you feel that?”, “yea man wtf was that?”, “I dunno, but this song is SO good”, “yea man”.

Just one thing though man. Just one thing which kept the show from being the most influential experience of my life. As a whole anyway, because some parts didn’t have this wrong with them. And maybe I am just too young to understand. But I just don’t like her voice man. I may not understand Spanish, but I feel like it doesn’t fit with the face-melting musical beauty – it steals the spotlight.

Somehow though I feel like you already know this. And you are doing it because you are a legend and can. You are fucking with us, the crowd. But your presence is so overwhelming that this was the first show I was at were people didn’t even ask for an encore, simply out of respect, and so I guess it’s alright. Carry on my friend, for it is all of our dreams to be like you… and I will be there one day & )

Oh and thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you!


p.s. Cedric’s an alot better singer lolwtfbbqbias

Rolling Stone Helps Preview Fall Music

25 Sep

Fall is in the air. Well, right now it actually is not. It’s steamy out. Come on Binghamton, it is time to get cold and stay cold. Seriously, my body will thank you. Well, don’t get too cold. Okay, let me stop debating with myself. Tonight (it was tonight but wordpress bugged out on me) I would like to release from information that Rolling Stone was happy to share with the world here:

Fall music previews are among us and as foliage takes over so does new music. This list has everything from new creations to freshly pressed goodies. Let’s explore some of my thoughts on these releases.

I knew it! Leon Russell is Santa Claus

Elton John and Leon Russell: The Union (Oct. 19)

Intriguing. Two piano men sharing the trade. I am interested. The 16-track record features some rock and soul and also guest musicians Neil Young, Booker T., Don Was and Brian Wilson. Man, this record is going to be oozing talent. Keep an eye out for this one…it may be very good.

Bob Dylan: The Bootleg Series Vol. 9, the Witmark Demos. (10/19)

There is a humorous video on the web that shows an actor portraying Bob Dylan, who wrote every song in the modern era. If the bootleg series is any indication, he may have wrote every song every written. The body of work this man has done in his career is just remarkable and these early recordings are just more examples. “This box set will be the first time that Dylan’s eight earliest albums, from Bob Dylan (1962) to John Wesley Harding (1967), have been released in their original mono mix in the CD format,” as reported by Variety and Wikipedia. The albums will also be released on vinyl. The set will include 47 studio versions of songs recorded between 1962-1964. Keep going Mr. Dylan.

Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger: Acoustic Sessions (10/26)

It figures that this would be the name of John Lennon‘s sons folk duo. Sean Lennon and his girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl pulled a John and Yoko and recorded songs for the LP in their apartment. That is keeping the family tradition alive. I am looking forward to hearing this combination.

Jimi Hendrix: West Coast Seattle Boy (11/9)

Rarities and live cuts will make up this album portraying Hendrix’s journey to fame in a four-CD set. It’s Jimi. How can it be bad?

I wrote about the upcoming Guster album here:

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