3 Sep

Hi! I’m oko. My real name is Pete, and I listen to good music just like Matt. Thank you for letting me write on your blog Matt.


I love modern psychedelic music, good electronic music, and generally good music, so think of anything jazzy or IDMy or trippy and yeah. It would sound like that.


I wish to share my library and my thoughts about it with the world, because more people need to experience what I have heard. I don’t have a top favorite artist, but rather three of them. So, I saw it be fitting to start off with one of them.

Dungen is the name of the band. They are a current Swedish psychedelic rock band which gave the country its 60’s. The man responsible for all of the music goes by the name of Gustav Ejstes and God bless him for his wintry jams and hipster fashion.

I decided to pick the first song off their album Tio Bitar, rightfully named Intro. I thought it would be a fitting intro for me as well.
Intro by okocim!
The song starts with siren horn wailing in the distance and an explosion of music which would make Jimi Hendrix smile. These Swedes are out on a mission raid your musical senses!

The guitar roars and snarls, meanwhile the drums and the bass madly help it drill through what seems a mountain. They seem without any cause known and flail wildly in all directions. As they near the other side they tire and slow down to brace themselves for the sight. Slowly their musical senses catch up to them and melody is formed. But too late, they have made it to the other side. That is when they drop their instruments; lose their breath, and their minds. They have just discovered paradise.

This is a band which has truly mastered creating mood via song. And while this one is a perfect example, some of their others do it even more craftfully, because they use Swedish lyrics which act as another level instrumentation for us English-speaking listeners.

The song is absolutely beautiful and laced with pure psychedelic sound. It ends with one of the grooviest chill-outs I have ever heard. The drums keep rolling, the bass strums happily away, and the guitar dances with that beautiful flute, reverb drowning the both of them in bliss.

I may be biased, due to passionate drug-induced dates with this music, but is it honestly not ecstasy? I personally own this album, and the transition into the next song Familj would seal my argument. But that it something you will have to explore on your own, because I have way too much music to cover, all of it this quality.

I will, however, most-definitely come back to this band at some point. Especially because they are releasing a new album very soon, and I need to wrap my mind around it. And, I mean, they are a favorite of mine.

And so this was my first post on this blog and thus I leave you all with this haiku I made up whilst listening to this song. I like the way it turned out, and probably will stick with them rather than the interpretive  music reviews I used to do on my blog…

Guns blazing

I storm in, to slow and sigh

Then Join



Was this post too long? I have a notoriety for rambling on. But its the passion showing!!! Leave comments!


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