Herb Wise’s Photographic Exploration of Musicians

17 Sep

Herb Wise is one of better photographers in rock n’ roll. Over the course of his career he traveled and photographed some of rock’s famous musicians, using kindness and dedication to earn respect from the musician’s he was photographing.

About his travels, “”You’d like many of these people,” said Wise. “They are good friends, even to know them through a brief glance along the way.”

In a new book being released Oct. 1 by Omnibus press, rare photographs of “People You’d Like to Know,” including Bob Dylan, John Lee Hooker and Blondie will be featured in wonderful black and white captures.

A celebration of the book opening will be held In Morrison Hotel in New York City on October 28 and at the event prints will be on display.

There is nothing quite like rock photography. Attempting to capture some of the best 20th century musicians is as easy as going to a concert with a good camera. But, getting close-up, personal and comfortable shots of musiciansis a skill that is not easy to come by. Herb Wise honed this skill over his many years as a photographer and this compilation of his photos is sure to be fantastic. Here is one of my favorite photographs of Chuck Berry.

Chuck Berry, 1979, in New Orleans at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Credit: Herb Wise

I will be up in Ithaca visiting my brother this weekend. Have a good weekend and I will meet up with you on Monday.

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