Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group – Live

27 Sep

Hello everyone! I have been very busy doing college stuff and have just found time to post again. I got a job delivering calzones and am very happy because now I will have money to buy stuff like CDs! (or just drugs and dumb hippy shit likes plants for my room)

I should have posted this earlier, but on 9/17 I experienced a life changing series of events which compare with my better acid trips. I saw, with many car issues e.g. a flat tire, the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez group live in NYC’s Highline Ballroom!

And that was only the best video I could find. If you could only imagine the rest of the show, you probably should quit your day job and be making music.

Omar was the guy wearing that awesome shirt and standing behind and to the right of the drummer. The drummer, Deatoni Parks, is only one of the drummers that Omar hires (the group’s linup changes on a regular basis), but yea. You just watched that video, right? He’s pretty cool.

I was hallucinating. Like for real. At one point the entire crowd vanished and I was standing there with energy pouring out of an opening in my chest and going into my mind which was then redirecting it to my hands. Among the settings was space, the egyptian desert, and some south american jungles.

And after a certain AC show I went to last summer (which I will write about in the future), I have vowed to only go to shows sober, a policy I adhered to this particular night as well.

When the hallucinations weren’t happening I would close my eyes and sway madly to the rhythm. People around me usually become uneasy when I do this because I tend to sway in odd time signatures and I imagine I must look like a cultist. But if you are passionate and actually listen to music, it is the right thing to do.

I was utterly stunned by the show. Too the point were I stayed after to watch Omar’s younger brother packing up and signing autographs. I didn’t need one because the group had signed my soul. And besides the main man had fled too quickly!

To Omar:
Omar your on-stage mannerisms live up to your music splendidly. If you are reading this then ergsaeriukhgsieuhrgliahoiagaoieurhgaerhgoiuerhg to you too : )
And I still can’t figure out what exactly it is your music does. It’s definitely some psychological or emotional rhythm changes which you have discovered and which have yet to be scientifically studied. For now they are simply known as “Holy shit dude did you feel that?”, “yea man wtf was that?”, “I dunno, but this song is SO good”, “yea man”.

Just one thing though man. Just one thing which kept the show from being the most influential experience of my life. As a whole anyway, because some parts didn’t have this wrong with them. And maybe I am just too young to understand. But I just don’t like her voice man. I may not understand Spanish, but I feel like it doesn’t fit with the face-melting musical beauty – it steals the spotlight.

Somehow though I feel like you already know this. And you are doing it because you are a legend and can. You are fucking with us, the crowd. But your presence is so overwhelming that this was the first show I was at were people didn’t even ask for an encore, simply out of respect, and so I guess it’s alright. Carry on my friend, for it is all of our dreams to be like you… and I will be there one day & )

Oh and thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you!


p.s. Cedric’s an alot better singer lolwtfbbqbias

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