The Beatles Are Now On iTunes

16 Nov

The Beatles Are Now On iTunes

This is the image you are greeted with when you go to The fab four have never gotten this spread on Apple, mainly because they were not on iTunes. Well, now they are.

Oh, that massive library of hits. Apple has been trying to get their hands on that for a long time. And, finally, a promotion is awaiting the people who settled the differences and worked around the finances of the band.

That link takes you to the download page on iTunes.

What does this mean for you?

Well, if you don’t currently have the entire Beatles’ library on your iPod (I do) then you can now purchase choice Beatles’ songs for 99 cents a pop. But, be careful. A spending spree may be in order for many listeners. Similar to Pringles, once you pop you can’t stop downloading songs!

Yesterday, I brought you a post saying that it might happen and today I bring you this saying that it did. I am happy when I am right. So, go on iTunes and enjoy some Beatles’ downloading…and make the richest band ever, richer!

Now, the real question of the morning is what song should I use to celebrate this agreement. It may be just as complicated as the whole Apple+Beatles situation. Okay, maybe not. I got it. Symbolism?

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