Six Degrees of Your iPod: From Barenaked Ladies to Harry Chapin

10 Dec

I apologize for the late posting. After a long day of work/final preparation I went to Binghamton University‘s Anderson Center and supported my Fraternity brother, Andy Castillo, who was playing drums in a Jazz ensemble. It was an excellent two-hour long show. Now, back in my warm house, away from the single-digit temperature of Binghamton, I thought I’d try to warm you night owls up with Six Degrees of Your iPod. That’s right, the Music Court category of musical connections. I hit shuffle on my iPod – which currently holds around 13,000 songs – and choose the first six songs that appear. After providing the first six songs, I attempt to link songs one and six. The lead singer of band one had a son whose wife’s brother-in-law is the drummer of band six. If that’s the case, I’ll dig it up. Let’s play!

1.) “Thanks That Was Fun” by, The Barenaked Ladies

This famous Canadian band formed 22 years ago in Ontario. Yes, how long ago it feels. But, they still maintain a youthful feel to their high-powered music, especially with their humorous live shows (including rap battles). The band knows how to rock it, and knows how to slow it down for intimate songs like my personal favorite “War on Drugs.” This particular song’s true video is a montage of old Barenaked Ladies videos. I could not embed it, but you can all certainly check it out on Youtube.

2.) “Cry Baby Cry” by, The Beatles

3.) “Goodnight Sweetheart” by, Billy The Vision and the Dancers

4.) “Uncle Johns Band” by, The Grateful Dead

5.) “Infinite Arms” by, Band of Horses

6.) “Cat’s In The Cradle” by Harry Chapin

The story of Harry Chapin unfortunately ends with his untimely death because of a car accident on the Long Island Expressway near exit 40 for Jericho, NY (which is where I live by the way…no not on the expressway). But, Chapin’s incredible musical talents paired with his philanthropic contributions make him an honorable musician and man. Chapin was posthumously awarded with the Congressional Gold Medal and “Cats in the Cradle,” perhaps his most famous song, still lives on today


Well, like usual, I get the impossible task of linking two songs and bands that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. How can one link a Canadian band with a Brooklyn based singer-songwriter? Okay, let’s start with Chapin. “Cats in the Cradle” was released in 1974 off of Chapin’s fourth album Verities And Balderdash. It was the first track. The Barenaked Ladies’ fourth album was Stunt and the first track on that album is “One Week,” their famous fast-paced hit. “One Week” has several pop culture references mentioned in the song, including Harrison Ford, who is perhaps most famous for the Indiana Jones movie series. And, would you look at that. Harry Chapin passed away in July of 1981 and what was the #1 movie at the time…”Raiders of the Lost Ark” starring Harrison Ford. From Chapin to Barenaked Ladies to Harrison Ford. What does this have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing. That’s Six Degrees of Your iPod and I am going to sleep!

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