The Recession-Proof Industry and Zombies, Lovin’ Spoonful Anniversaries

13 Dec

Zombie Reunion

Back on July 6, 2010, I wrote a post celebrating Odessey and Oracle, the 1968 masterpiece by The Zombies. I started out the article by saying that it was a broiler that day. 103 degree heat. Well, like I said then, at least it’s summer. It can be read here:

We flash back to reality and I concur with my past thoughts. Currently it’s 28 degrees out and tomorrow will probably touch single digits. Well, hey, at least it’s winter. That does not work as effectively. The Zombies know it’s all about the “Time of the Season”

In a few months, the Zombies will be celebrating their 50th band anniversary and they have come a long way since being formed while members attended Grammar School in St. Albans, England. The Zombies will celebrate their anniversary with a new album and a London concert in May. Come to America and play in the New York area. I saw members of the Zombies play at Hippiefest, but would love to see Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone together again.


An Unfortunate Anniversary

We move on. Let’s remember original lead guitarist for the Lovin’ Spoonful, Zal Yanovsky, who died eight years ago today. It may be the polar opposite from the weather…and season…today, but, here is the Lovin’ Spoonful’s biggest hit, “Summer in the City”

The Recession-Proof Industry

Music artifacts. It seems that everyday I get up in the morning and glance over music news to find another music artifact being sold for somewhere in between $100,000-millions. While the majority of the United States and Europe may be suffering, the super rich are buying music artifacts at a high rate daily.

Just this weekend it was reported that the original handwritten lyrics of “The Times They Are a-Changin‘” by Bob Dylan was sold to American Art Collector Adam Sender for $422,500. Holy God! I mean the lyric is a pretty awesome find, but still that is a lot of money. Well, Sender is a hedge fund manager with an extensive art collection and he is absolutely, 100 percent, recession-proof rich. The guy has a lot of money. So, I guess power to him. Someone needs to keep this music artifact business going.

But, just some food for thought. I’m not advocating shared wealth or any unrealistic communist ideals, but, it does seem rather odd that one can purchase an artifact – which is probably only a small purchase – for the money that most American’s will never make in a lifetime. And, yes, is this a joy of capitalism and the fruits of hard work and intelligence? Of course. But, while my statement does come off with harsh direction towards the super rich, in times of economic deficit maybe even the super rich should show some frugality instead of shoving it in the faces of those who are not close to that wealthy and are struggling to keep their family afloat. Because, Republicans, trickle-down does not work. It will never work.

Well, that’s about the most political I will get on this music blog. The sale of this artifact is still note-worthy and I think it was a good purchase by Sender. As a hedge fund manager he would know that this piece’s monetary value will only increase.

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