Jason Spooner’s 2010 Release a Monster One

17 Dec

Back in November I looked at the New England-based singer/songwriter Jason Spooner. Here is a brief caption from the post:

Spooner decided he was going to create it; a new beat that takes a taste of old and combines it with an emerging modern acoustic/blues trend. Music that never forgets about the important art of lyric. Spooner has grown up and come a long way. He has just released his third album, an absolute gem. As songwriter Christine Lavin wrote about Spooner, “This is someone important.”

Yes, I have sunk so low that I must sample myself. How dare I plagiarize myself. I have gotten my hands on Spooner’s new album (the third album mentioned above) and will review it here. It was released July of this year.

The first track of any album is obviously reflective of the rest of the pieces that follow it. It is my firm belief that if the first track does not succeed in capturing the listener than the rest of the album is a failure. Never underestimate the importance of #1. Trust the old adage; put your best foot forward. In this statement I do not mean that the first song has to be the best on the album. On the contrary, it should most certainly not be (you want to leave the listener with gems later in the album). The first song must only accomplish the task of capturing the listeners attention.

That is what “Crashing Down” does for Spooner. It introduces the listener to the album with a short repetitive riff and quick drum beat. The true hook is Spooner’s voice. It is smooth and inviting. The song moves into a quick pre-choral lyrical combination that tastes like The Script. And don’t think I missed bassist Adam Frederick’s funky bass line underneath Spooner’s voice and acoustic guitar. These are the small diamonds I like in Spooner’s music. Frederick and drummer Reed Chambers are wonderful musicians who influence Spooner’s music with creative gems like the small funky bass line.

The introductory track never comes crashing down. Even when the song fades away it maintains its tight vocal harmonies and great guitar. Though exciting, it is a slower piece and most definitely inviting. The track ends and the CD reads track two.

Boom. A great drum beat leads into a vibrating chord and all of a sudden the folk piece we just heard has been wiped away by the blues. And, in an effortless transition. It is great track selection from Spooner. We get a completely different element. Spooner’s harmonica and guitar evokes a twangy feeling that matches with his original voice. The chorus is powerful. It draws you further in. Take a listen below (Kudos to Chambers on the drum box)

Spooner’s album so far is shaping up like a musical goody-bag. Let’s see what we get next. The third track really does have a Script feel. This is not a bad thing, as the Script have gone on to be tremendously successful. I can see Spooner’s music gaining popularity as it gains some age and recognition. It is certainly widespread radio bound. This is what I hear on track three. The backing guitar whines while Spooner harmonizes with Frederick. It never gets out of hand. It is a sharp track. This is how it is throughout.

I would like to highlight one specific track that is my personal favorite from the album, “Seed In The Ground.” I believe this is a step above most of the other songs. It is an amalgamation of all things Spooner does right musically. It has a consistent drum beat, infectious rhythm guitar, faded harmonica and Spooner’s wonderful lead vocals and choral harmonies.

So, here comes the portion of the review where I sell you on the album. I give this the Music Court title of “get your hands on a copy and take a listen.” Spooner is a talented musician who understands the meaning of effective music. His songs are snug like a fitted suit. You just feel good when you are in it, swimming the melodic sea of his music.

Visit Spooner’s website for more information on his music and to buy the new album.

Link: http://www.jasonspooner.com/

Also, in the spirit of the Holidays, let the Music Court provide you with a Spooner cover. Here is Spooner and Dar Williams performing “Girl from the North Country,” available by way of free Mp3 download.

Link: http://www.jasonspooner.com/free/holiday/

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