An Educated Gilmour Guess

1 Jan

Happy New Year! If we can base music predictions off of 2010, I believe 2011 will be another great year for experimental genres and folk-blend rock. Harmonies are in! That is good news folks.

There are some confirmed tours for 2011, but we will have to wait a little while for most of the Spring/Summer concert schedule. I can tell you that Roger Waters is still doing his The Wall tour. It picks up again in March (Lisbon, Portugal).

Now, remember, David Gilmour will join Roger Waters for one show to perform “Comfortably Numb.” This was confirmed last summer. After it was confirmed, I predicted where Gilmour would join Waters. This is what I said:

“My guess is that Gilmour joins Waters at the 02 Arena in London on Tuesday, May 17, 2011. Yes, the tour reaches far into the new year. The 02 Arena is in a convenient location – it is near Gilmour’s residence – and the date is the last in the straight series of five shows played in London, only a mere hour away from the original Pink Floyd stomping grounds, Cambridge. It just all seems to perfect. But, like most things, we must wait and see.” July 19


I took this straight from Roger Waters’ website (

“Roger Waters will be filming and recording all 6 shows at The O2 Arena in London in May.”

I smell clue. Roger Waters likes money and attention. Many would argue that these are his two most favorite things. Music is in there as well, of course. Filming implies a concert DVD. And, what better way to draw buyers than feature the Waters/Gilmour reunion on DVD. I am not saying that this is set in stone, but I do think that the filming may be evident of the “Comfortably Numb” reunion taking place during one of these dates. So, you have a 1/6 chance to pick the date. My guess was May 17. I stated that it was the last date for Waters at the O2 arena and at the time it was. But, another concert was added for Wednesday. I change my guess now to May 18. I guess we will see if I am right.

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