“Summercholy” by Britta Pejic.

11 Jan

We at the Music Court would like to welcome Britta Pejic into our humble blog castle. She comes with acoustic cheer, eccentric lyric and folky voice.

This Maine-based singer/songwriter released her debut solo album Backyards That Weren’t There Before in 2010 and is beginning the gain recognition for her talent. She has been compared to Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, but I do believe her voice is quite different than Sharpe vocalist Jade Castrinos. While Jade’s voice is accented and slightly esoteric, Pejic’s pipes are smooth and understandable. She is a classic storyteller and her lyric does her justice. Her voice does not overpower and instead highlights her guitar and story. This is a positive trait for an aspiring troubadour.

Track four off her new album is a creative song entitled “Summercholy.” While I am currently experiencing a blend of wintercholy, this interesting piece is perhaps the strongest off her easily accessible album.

She creates great noise from a lone acoustic and her voice. The rhythm guitar chugs along with the riff and the words flow over the guitar effortlessly. Pejic creates a great balance. If you like what you hear travel on over to the link provided and buy the CD. Also included is her website.

CD: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/brittapejic

Britta Pejic: http://brittap.com/

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