Hello! Akron/Family

23 Jan

So there I was stumbling around in this dark house. It was completely empty beside my own mindless stupor. I was attempting to watch the patterns I created on the floor with my random but strangely pre-meditated directional changes, but I knew that I was ultimately destined to be distracted by the pictures on walls. And I mean, well, you had to be there… I felt like I was in a seven-eleven at 4am… and tired. Which means that every square inch of the said walls was glowing with pure color, and possibly edible. And it wasn’t just any ordinary color, it was pixelated, which means it had the benefit of hurting your eyes if you stared at it for years. And my eyes did hurt… how many years have I been here?

Staring around me I noticed that it was just pure randomness in terms of content. Funny videos, pictures from nights out, miss-spelled text, and carefully targeted advertisements. It all seemed sort of surreal, like I actually knew why I was seeing all of these seemingly pointless things, even despite the intense notion that I was being completely un-productive. In a moment of clarity I hastily looked for an alternative. I mean the shadows on the floor created by the seemingly arbitrary setup of furniture which i had just noticed around me did look really neat. But before I wrestled away my full attention from the colors, I noticed one square, and it didn’t let go. I had definitely gazed at it hundreds of years ago and quite possibly even wrote for it. A blog. That realization, combined with a momentary hundred year guilt trip, felt like a grenade suddenly exploding in some random filing-cabinet in my head. After a brief paper cleanup I came to the hasty conclusion that my thoughts can change my surroundings… by writing on them. I was now excited and running steadfast with eyes closed, no way to hit the wall that way.

Hopefully it won’t turn out that my thoughts will actually be broadcasted to others, not that I care, it’s just that judging by what I’ve been reading for all these years… they might not be able to handle it. I realized how completely irrelevant that previous notion was when compared to my now questionable attention span. I dwelled upon it for only a bit, because I had to stay focused. I didn’t feel like tripping anymore, and the only way to keep critters from running under your wheels is good-old fashioned gonzo-journalism, and hitting the floor was only fun for the first few-hundred times and quite honestly at this point, I didn’t also really know what I was writing or even thinking about, but that it made it all the more adventurous. Besides whats the worst that could happen? It’s not like the walls were lying to me and it actually turned out this room was inhabited by drunken kids and Matt Coleman was yelling at me about why I haven’t posted on his blog in a while.

Matt actually didn’t yell at me at a party about his blog… he did that earlier in the day. I just felt like the subsequent party was a more suiting setting. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m just one of those individuals who needs motivation from time to time after all. &)

So… I hear more people need help journeying to the center of their minds. I just needed a break cause it gets tiring making that trip back and forth every weekend. I was beginning to see the I-95 in my nightmares.

But I’m back with warm presents!

Nothing like some peaceful country psychedelia to start off this chilly semester.
Really there is no way to describe this fully. His voice is awesome. And as a result all of whatever it is he is actually saying just turns into a warm fuzzy blur. Something about atoms splintering and a river? Physics! Trippy shit man.

The CD version has the benefit of bird noises, but that is really just arguing semantics at this point. Amazing band with a powerfully versatile style which is all connected by this sort of psychedelic brand ever so liberally hinting at christian rock. Whatever that means haha. All of their music is awesome, so listen to it. But if you are lazy then for now just get their latest album Set em wild Set em Free and I guess I will come back to them one day… Where was I again?

P.S. Listen to their song Don’t be afraid, you’re already dead for some brilliant, almost beatle-esque brand of ironic mind-fuck psychedelia which is actually just a nice pretty song… if you think you can handle it!


extra: imagine being there with akron/family when that video took place. i’m willing to bet it was chill

2 Responses to “Hello! Akron/Family”

  1. Matt Coleman January 24, 2011 at 12:03 am #

    Don’t let him fool you. I was yelling at him. This is why. Okocim is an awesome writer and blogger who provides readers with exceptional content. It’s true though. The constant voyage can be tiring. Let’s give him a warm hand on his trip back to the court.

  2. okocim January 24, 2011 at 10:40 am #

    Haha thanks Matt, I look forward to writing more!

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