School Day, School Day

25 Jan

Nothing like crayons to welcome students back to universities after winter break. Who doesn’t like variegated symbols of joy and youthfulness? How this has anything to do with college, I don’t know, but aren’t you now happy? This post is already so colorful. Let’s keep it that way.

As some of you know, I have just started the spring semester of my senior year at Binghamton University. In May, I will walk across the stage of my school’s events center to the tune of “Pomp and Circumstances,” (which I just found at today was originally written to profile young men dying in war. A quick shout out to the article). I’m not Van Wilder-ing my college experience. But there may be graduate school in my future, so I guess more college can be on its way.

Anyway, all this school talk had me thinking. What are some of the best songs to listen to when you are going back to school after a break? So I have taken the time to compile a list tonight of my top five school songs. The list encompasses school pride created by the Beach Boys and school…uh…indifference from Animal Collective. It takes elementary school and college and mashes it together into this amalgamation of pencils, chalk and locker room effluvium. So, in my best Mr. Mackey, “school is good, mmkay.”

Check out the posted songs and vote. Plus – this is the best part – if you think I’m an idiot and another song deserves a spot on our list, you can vote other and comment on why your song should be on the list.

The Songs:

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