Landfall – Please Remember Me Mr. Postman – Green Hornet Opera

27 Jan

Jimmy Buffett Has a Few Too Many Margaritavilles

Jimmy Buffett © David Atlas

Jimmy Buffett did not play his famous song “Landfall” during last night’s concert in Sydney, Australia. If he did it would have just been cruel irony. Buffett was released today from an Australian hospital after taking a sober plummet off the stage during his show Wednesday.

“Jimmy has been released from the hospital and is doing well,” read a statement on

The concrete floor did not provide much padding for Buffett’s head and the collision caused him to temporarily lose consciousness. Buffett is a trooper though and he has yet to cancel his next concert on the 29th. Get well soon Buffett. We need our only vacation troubadour to continue lecturing us on the importance of relaxation.


Gladys Horton Dies

Gladys Horton, who co-founded Motown’s Marvelettes, died Wednesday night in Los Angeles. She was 66

The Marvelettes hit it big with their 1961 song “Please Mr. Postman” that characterized classic Motown style in both beat and dance. Horton sang lead in the band at only 15 years old

The song reached #1 on the pop charts and was an inspiration to later Motown super girl groups like The Supremes.

My condolences go out to her family. May she rest in peace.

Check out this old recording:


Wait Kato Can Sing

Seth Rogen and Jay Chou star in the remake

Many reading this remember the old TV version of the Green Hornet where Bruce Lee played the ace kong-fu master, Kato. In the movie remake of the classic 60’s show, which is currently playing in national theaters, Kato is played by Taiwan’s Jay Chou, a 32-year-old rap and R&B star from Taiwan, where he is most known.

Chou, who has appeared in numerous Chinese films, added a music to Kato’s character, unlike Lee’s straight kong-fu approach.

“I hope to show Western audiences that Asians don’t just do kung fu, but also sing, write songs and play the piano,” he said in an interview with the Associated Press. “So I put the musical element into my Kato.”

Chou plays piano in the film and it ends with a Mandarin language song called “The Nunchucks” that he wrote 10 years ago, inspired by the weapon that his idol Lee made famous years ago.

“When I got a chance to play a hero, I told myself I couldn’t give up,” he said.

The movie has already spawned a promised sequel and Chou will stay on for the production of it, but afterwards he will return to what he loves, music.

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