Washed Out – You and I

5 Feb

Raise your hand if you’re a hipster.

Seeing as no one did, we seem to be in a room full of hipsters. Give me a second while I put on my ironic glasses. My scarf is already tied firmly around my neck so now just let me adjust my stance ever so nonchalantly. And now I will lecture to you, my impartial audience, about music and honestly I care more about the drink in my hand.
The only thing keeping us all here anyway is this chillwave that’s playing.

What IS Chillwave?

Many great minds have pondered this and the general consensus thus far is ‘cool’ or ‘whatever’.

Most heavily I think it is the nostalgia of 80’s synth-pop, but it incorporates many modern day styles such as shoe-gaze and lo-fi. And it is very chill. Just an idea anyway.

The term itself was coined by Carles of the blog hipsterrunoff.com… I’m sure no one’s heard of that. Regardless, the name itself I see as a sort of a reflection on the times and culture of places like Williamsburg. Now while the Hipster’s of this area tend to listen to all sorts of good music, chillwave will always have a special place in their impartial hearts. I mean it would be cool.

And it has a really high success rate of good bands compared to other genres, especially seeing how there’s only like about a handful. Basically something like 4/7 anyway.This band is one of those few gems, and rightfully so.

Washed Out is the stage name of Georgia-based Ernest Greene. One day Pitchfork stumbled upon his myspace, and now he’s famous, having attended every Pitchfork Festival Since.

His style uses ample amounts of effects processing, looping, sampling, synthesizer, and heavily filtered melodic lyrics. Then again all chillwave uses this style. And it works. The sound that is created can be described as a warm and blurry fuzz which is held together by an 80’s work-out video-esque beat and baseline.

This particular song is from the Adult Swim singles project, which also seemed to have jumped onto the band wagon. It features a Caroline Polachek, someone whom I have never heard of before and who nonetheless has a very chillwave worthy voice. The song is also free to download off of Adult Swim’s website.

I also definitely recommend indulging in magic while listening to this. It will be the most relaxing and chill thing you could possibly do. The lyrics will drag you ever so slowly over a pile of warm and slightly tingly pillows. Although you will be powerless, the bass line will make your heart dance in a sort of slow-motion sepia sort of way. Meanwhile your thoughts will realize what the 80’s would have been like if coke wasn’t around. It truly is a musical and magical experience that will change your life.

Get Washed Out’s debut album entitled Life of Leisure, you won’t be disappointed.

That’s all I have to say, not that any of you actually cared.

Effing Hipsters.

One Response to “Washed Out – You and I”

  1. Yhana February 21, 2011 at 3:53 pm #

    Merci Merci
    Chillwave, I like it.
    Reminds me of Gayngs – ‘The Gaudy Side of Town’ a tiny bit.

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