Goats Spotted on Letterman – RS Fact Check – Happy Birthday Studio God

24 Feb

Mountain Goats Perform on Letterman

The Mountain Goats will release their new album All Eternals Deck on March 29. Yesterday, they performed “Birth of Serpents,” a song from the album, on Letterman. John Darnielle had his full band behind him and the harmony was spot on. The song is faster and more rock than their last album, but Darnielle has proven that he is a jack of all trades when it comes to musical styles. Check out the performance. Can’t wait for the new album.


Rolling Stones Fact Check

Link: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/photos/rolling-stone-fact-checks-famous-rock-songs-20110223

There are many songs out there that feature incorrect information. Generally, they go unheeded because people just unconsciously sing along. Rolling Stone magazine did some of their own fact-checking and have called out 11 musicians who just did not get their information right. My favorite one on the list is Chuck Berry’s “Brown Eyed Handsome Man. “Berry sings “Two, three count with nobody on. He hit a high fly into the stand.” As RS points out, the batter would already be back on the bench after striking out. I know, it sucks, but the song doesn’t go 1-2-3-4 strikes your out.

Happy Birthday Nicky Hopkins

You have probably not heard of pianist Nicky Hopkins, but, chances are you have heard his work. The consummate studio musician was born today in 1944. He died at 50 from complications because of surgery. Over the course of his career he performed on albums by The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beatles and Jefferson Airplane, who he performed with during Woodstock. So, here is Jefferson Airplane performing “Somebody to Love” and “White Rabbit” at Woodstock.

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