Toro Y Moi – Underneath the Pine

27 Feb

As I drove home in the early hours of the morning it was already getting bright outside. I immediately began feeling extreme nostalgia for irresponsible summers of past. But this time I was not under the influence of any magic, simply arriving home from a tiring shift delivering food. But that feeling… maybe I was just tired… but I felt like I was under some sort of influence, my thoughts highly irresponsible in an animated fashion, yet that of a Buddhist-monk in caliber. Maybe it was a warm-flashback?

But it also was around 6am, the time when the human body ‘resets’. Whether it is due to our own internal mind clocks or some cosmic energy playing around with us, this time of the day is hands down the most psychedelic. It’s most noticeable if you haven’t gone to bed, which could explain some things, but I like to think that it’s the time when human thoughts or souls are synced up to destiny or reality, sort of like an ipod syncing to its itunes library. Basically, it’s the time when everything falls back onto track after a weekend night of debauchery. As I lay to fall asleep, my contact-less eyes were seeing strange fuzzy orbs of light. Although they weren’t as brilliant as geometric shapes I’d seen before, it made me realize that things like this are all around us and how much, as a people, we still don’t know about.

So basically today was the first time I woke up at 4pm in a long time. Definitely now considering a career change… or fewer hours anyway.

I’m not sure if the Radiohead hype has died down yet… I hope it has… because today I’ve got a real psychedelic treat for all of you. Shortly after listening to The King of Limbs, I heard Toro Y Moi’s Underneath the Pine, and let me tell you that I was thoroughly impressed, to the point where I can call it my favorite of the year so far.

Toro Y Moi is the stage name of Chazwick Bundick, a super chill fellow from North Carolina. He was one of the original driving forces behind the chill wave of summer ’10. I’ve already described chillwave thoroughly with my Washed Out review, and while Toro Y Moi’s older music was verbatim that, apparently his newer stuff has already departed that.

Talks on the internet have it that ‘Chillwave’ is already dying. That effing internet hipster who invented the damn term, Carles, is speculating that this might be so based on Pitchfork’s review of the album and their refusal to use the term.

I personally do not want chillwave to die. I think it’s a really chill and appropriate title for such music. Although it’s a sort of a half-bastard internet spawn, I feel like it has the potential of becoming the next psychedelic genre. It’s all about slow, vibacious, synth-saturated, chill-out tunes that make you feel like nothing matters in the world. 60’s psychedelia anyone? I honestly feel like this newest Toro Y Moi album is all of that, but it also adds a layer of rock, which in my mind simply completes the genre. I really see it going places in this current state.

The song above Still Sound is the single off the album, and isn’t it groovy? The bassline just tells you to grab a seat and relax, while the layered and echoed vocals coax you to sing along, despite the fact that they are unintelligible. The quiet synths flow and ebb like a pretty tide and that one tambourine or something just completes the beat for me. About halfway through a chill breakdown lets your spirit leave your body, albeit temporarily, before the beat snaps back and the song finishes. This song will grow on you quickly.

And the rest of the songs on this album are on the same level. I personally really like the song Go with you.

This song is much more relaxed than the previous, but similar in many ways as well. I really like the crunchy keyboard in the background and the tape delay on his voice during the refrain. It’s a very strange song but it makes sense in some sort of chill manner. I also really like the ending, the perfect groove, probably why I like this song so much.

I give this album a 7.08/7.25

A perfect album for just hanging out and enjoying the times.

I am also very anxious to see what the rest of this year will harbor for chillwave. The possibilities are endless! Talks of new Washed Out and Neon Indian are turning the rumor wheels. Maybe even my solo LP will be finished. lol

And going back to this whole morning business, (I am on the verge of passing our right now, too much chillwave) I will leave you with a challenge of sorts. About a year ago my Uncle told me that if at the moment of sunrise you are looking north and that there is a mirror placed at the corner of your eye you will see crazy things in your peripherals. I haven’t tried it yet because it sounds scary and peripheral hallucinations are a proven thing (and i have them them often enough as it is). But one day I will try this and most likely I will be listening to chillwave to calm my anxiety.




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