Musical Lexicon – “Tutti Frutti”

13 Mar

It’s important to be able to defend yourself against fresh fruit. It’s also important to be able to identify fruits in songs. Remember the rules?
1) You can’t use the same song more than once, for any topic.

2) Within topics, you can’t use the same artist more than once.

3) The selected word has to be in the lyrics, but not necessarily in the title. If it’s in the title but not the lyrics, it doesn’t count.

4) You can look through your own music collection for help, but NO GOOGLE.

5) Variations or specific examples are acceptable (unless otherwise stated), but not preferred. (e.g. “Pistol” or “Guns” work if the word on the list is “Gun”)


Today’s Topic – Fruits


…and here’s a special bonus:

A Pointed Stick

3 Responses to “Musical Lexicon – “Tutti Frutti””

  1. Yhana March 13, 2011 at 11:12 pm #

    Lemon Tree – Blind Melon
    Corona & Lime – Schwayze
    Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles
    Low – Flo Rida “shorty had them apple bottom jeans …”
    Banana Pancake – Jack Johnson
    She’s My Cherry Pie – Poison
    Coconut – Harry Nilsson
    Peel Me A Grape – Diana Krall

    at a complete loss for melon and orange … 😦

  2. Rebecca and Matt March 13, 2011 at 11:46 pm #

    Lemon – “Lemonade Lady” by Mimi & Richard Farina
    Cherry – “Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall Apple – “Sweet Pea” by Amos Lee
    Banana – “Mellow Yellow” by Donovan
    Grape – “I heard it through the grapevine” by Marvin Gaye
    Lime – “Coconut” by Harry Nilsson
    Coconut – “Coconut Grove by Lovin’ Spoonful*
    Strawberry – “Strawberry Fields Forever” by The Beatles.

    Melon and Orange suck so here are our substitute fruits.. you fruit!

    Peach- “Georgia Peaches” by Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Blueberry- “Blueberry Hill” by Fats Domino

    Hard one…

  3. Rebecca and Matt March 13, 2011 at 11:48 pm #

    It was the same with us Yhana. I see we overlapped on a few choices. Melon and Orange were tough. I’m looking forward to seeing what Anthony has for them.

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