St. Patrick’s Day – Updates on 1967 Album March Madness

17 Mar


The Definition of Irony

John Lennon once wrote, “If you had the luck of the Irish, You’d be sorry and wish you were dead.” Hence, the definition of irony above. St. Patrick’s Day has become a celebration of Irish culture in general and the holiday’s trademark is leprechauns and clovers. Clovers that definitely do not provide luck. But, let’s celebrate the triumphant Irish who have overcome much adversity to drink copious amounts of alcohol on this day. And, while we are toastin’ and drinkin’ why not listen to some quality celtic rock created by one of my favorite celtic rock band’s Great Big Sea.

Let me answer two of your questions. Yes, I enjoy celtic rock and Irish traditional music. Secondly, yes, Great Big Sea is from Canada, but they are from Newfoundland which has much Irish roots. Their sea shanties are perfect for a holiday like this. So, raise your pint and listen to this:


Thank you gigantic update post-it. It is time for the 1967 March Madness Album Update. Thank you to everyone who is voted thus far. A few first round races are close. If you have not voted, follow the links below and get to clicking for your favorites.

#1 seed: Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles is destroying #16 seed: Absolutely Free by The Mothers of Invention 9-0

No surprise there.

#2 seed: The Doors by the Doors are beating Days of Future Passed by The Moody Blues 8-2

#3 seed: Are You Experienced by The Jimi Hendrix Experience are also winning 8-2 over Procol Harum

One potential upset is the close battle between Magical Mystery Tour and Velvet Underground and Nico. MMT is beating the proto-punk band’s debut album 6-5

Over on the mid-range battles only one battle is close and that is between Strange Days and the Left Banke’s debut. Strange days is winning by one vote.


1 vs. 16 –

2 vs. 15, 3 vs. 14, 4 vs. 13

5 vs. 12, 6 vs. 11, 7 vs. 10, 8 vs. 9 –


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