The Elite 1967 Album Eight – VOTING BEGINS

20 Mar

The NCAA Men’s March Madness Tournament has been mercurial thus far. It is close to impossible to pick games correctly. Solid favorites have been outplayed by low-seeded teams. If your bracket is busted, do not fret. Welcome to the Music Court’s 1967 Album Tournament where you choose the best albums from 1967. We have just finished up our first round (16 albums) and we are on to our elite eight. For those who voted in the first round, thank you. If you are new to the tournament, please vote. I am eager to hear all opinions. Remember this cannot work if you do not vote. We begin the elite eight with two matches. The other two matches will be posted on Friday, March 25 and voting for the elite eight ends on Friday, April 1.

#1 seed: Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles vs.  #9 seed John Wesley Harding by Bob Dylan

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, the consensus #1 seed in The Music Court’s 1967 album bracket pool flew by Always Free in The Beatles’ first round match (12-0). The album that features “A Day in the Life” will move on to face the upset winner in the 8 vs. 9 match-up, John Wesley Harding, which beat Aretha Franklin’s I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You. Dylan, who is keen to upsets, matches “A Day in the Life” with his “All Along the Watchtower.” Does he have enough to pull off a dramatic elite eight upset, or will he be blowing in the wind?


#4 seed: Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles  vs. #5 seed: Disraeli Gears by The Cream

The Beatles do not like to lose. In a well-fought opening round match, Magical Mystery Tour (released only four months after #1 seed Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band), beat out the scrappy Velvet Underground and Nico 8-5. Disraeli Gears, a very strong five seed, crushed Pink Floyd’s debut album 10-2. Will Disraeli Gears stop the Beatles from having a guaranteed path into the finals, or will Magical Mystery Tour face its predecessor in the final four match? Magical Mystery Tour is perhaps more touted because of its artistic draw, but the track listing still does include “I Am The Warlus” and “Strawberry Fields Forever,” two of the Beatles most psychedelic pieces. Clapton and The Cream do put up a fantastic fight with “Sunshine of Your Love” and “Badge,” two awesome blues/psychedelic fusion songs. This is going to be a battle.

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