The Elite 1967 Album Eight – Second Half

24 Mar

Who will be in the final four of the greatest albums of 1967. In a week we will know for sure. That is, if you vote, of course. Voting has already begun on the first two match-ups of the elite eight. Haven’t had a chance to vote yet? Follow the link below to vote in the first match-ups.

First Two:

A peculiarity has developed as this music bracket has narrowed. The 1st and 4th seed, both Beatles‘ albums, advanced to the elite eight. The Doors share the spotlight with the Beatles. They hold both the #2 and #6 seed, which will both be voted on below. Can this be a final four of Beatles vs. Doors? 1967 was an incredible year for both bands. Let’s get to the voting.

#3 seed: Are You Experienced by The Jimi Hendrix Experience vs. #6 seed: Strange Days by The Doors

Are You Experienced never trailed against Procol Harum‘s debut album, winning 9-3. The debut album for the band led by Hendrix is one of rock’s finest, ranked 15th on the Rolling Stones list of greatest albums of all time. Strange Days pulled ahead of the Left Banke at the last moment to take a commanding lead and win its first round battle. The album is as musically cogent as its covers oddness.


#2 seed: The Doors by The Doors vs. #10 seed: Surrealistic Pillow by Jefferson Airplane

The Doors is an iconic album that may very well be the band’s best work, as well as being their first. In its first match-up it destroyed Days of Future Passed and it will look to do the same to Surrealistic Pillow, which massacred Love’s Forever Changes in the first round battle of the two psychedelic albums.

Remember to Vote! Voting ends on April 1 and the Final Four will be uploaded that day.

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