Opening Day – Put Me in Coach

31 Mar

Something about Opening Day brings out the kid in everyone. The sweet scent of freshly cut grass, the feel of the creaky metal seats, the sound of the crack of the bat and the whip of a pitcher; the senses evoke feelings of times spent at the ballpark. Opening Day means unparalleled optimism. Everyone is at .500. It is beautiful. For one day, every fan and team is on equal footing. For one day, we can all sit back and just watch some of America’s pastime with no reservations. Baseball means Spring, even when the grip of winter is still powerful. While it may be cold, Summer’s sport always seems to warm the stadium up with cheering fans – unless we are at Citi field which is basically a wind tunnel.

As many know, I am a die-hard Mets fan and while I understand my team’s position, I am optimistic on this day. If you are not hopeful on Opening Day then you should not be a baseball fan. So, lets go Mets and PLAY BALL!

Here is “Centerfield” with an opening clip from my favorite movie “Field of Dreams.”

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