The Sick Post – Vote for 1967 Album Final Four

5 Apr

The Ramones wrote, “You sound like you’re sick, You look like your sick too,” for their song “You sound like you’re sick.” Well, I not only sound and look like I am sick, I feel like I am sick. Fever, stomach ache, coughing – the whole smörgåsbord of being sick. So, in between my bouts of sleeping, I wanted to throw together a post for the blog, as to not leave faithful viewers hanging. So, lets get to a song whose title describes an annoyance I have been dealing with today.

Here is “Fever” by Little Willie John:

While Peggy Lee is generally thought of when mentioning “Fever,” the song was originally written by Eddie Cooley and John Davenport and first recorded by Little Willie John in 1956.


Please vote in the Music Court 1967 Best Album Final Four. Sgt. Peppers has taken a commanding lead over Disraeli Gears, but The Doors and Are You Experienced are neck and neck. Your favorite album needs your votes.


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