Musical Lexicon – “It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere”

8 Apr

Thanks to the SUNY system of holidays, Binghamton students are right now sandwiched in between TWO spring breaks. This is of course the perfect time for professors to load up on lots of work. So you have a ton of stressed students fresh out of one break, and pining for another upcoming one. Guess what this leads to. HINT: It’s this week’s topic.

Recap the rules…
1) You can’t use the same song more than once, for any topic.

2) Within topics, you can’t use the same artist more than once.

3) The selected word has to be in the lyrics, but not necessarily in the title. If it’s in the title but not the lyrics, it doesn’t count.

4) You can look through your own music collection for help, but NO GOOGLE.

5) Variations or specific examples are acceptable (unless otherwise stated), but not preferred. (e.g. “Pistol” or “Guns” work if the word on the list is “Gun”)


Topic – Types of Alcohol
Mixed Drink/Cocktail


Due to to nature of this topic, brand names and specifics are openly encouraged. When you post up your answers (even an incomplete list, please post what ya got)  make sure to indicate your specifics. For example, if you’re using Captain Morgan’s for Rum, or Margarita for a Mixed Drink, make mention of it with your post. Let’s see how much we can get our Music Court liquor cabinet stocked.

Bonus points for more obscure types of alcohol not mentioned in the list, like schnapps, bourbon or absinthe.

2 Responses to “Musical Lexicon – “It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere””

  1. Yhana April 9, 2011 at 6:53 am #

    “Miss Misery’ – Elliot Smith ”
    “I’ll fake it through the day with some help from Johnny walker Red”

    ‘Bass Down Low’ – Dev
    “Can I get a little Goose in my OJ”

    ‘Shots’ – LMFAO
    “Patrón’s on the floor everybody doing shots”

    ‘Luxurious’ – Gwen Stefani
    “Champagne kisses holding me in your lap of luxury”

    ‘Tubthumping’ – Chumbawumba
    “He drinks a lager drink …”

    ‘Gin and Juice’ – Snoop Dogg
    “Sipping on gin and juice …”

    ‘Friends in Low Places’ – Garth Brooks
    “Where the whiskey drowns …”

    ‘Old Black Rum’ – GBS
    “The ole black rum’s got a hold on me …”

    I don’t know any for the above 2 😦

  2. Abby April 11, 2011 at 11:03 am #

    Gin – Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner (Fall Out Boy)
    Vodka – Blame it on the Alcohol (Jamie Foxx)
    Rum – In Da Club (50 Cent) [Bacardi]
    Whiskey – American Pie (Don McLean)
    Scotch – 1 Bourbon, 1 Scotch, 1 Beer (George Thorogood) [I should get bonus points for this one]
    Tequila – Marry You (Bruno Mars) [Patron]
    Brandy/Cognac – Bottoms Up (Trey Songz) [Remy Martin and Hennessy]
    Wine – Wine Red (The Hush Sound)
    Champagne – Poppin’ Champagne (All Time Low)
    Beer – Beer (Reel Big Fish)
    Mixed Drink/Cocktail – Escape (Rupert Holmes) [If you like pina coladas…]

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