Circulatory System – S/T

10 Apr

Hopefully you bunch of paranoids realized that the song Slow Motion sounds just like as if Panda Bear attempted to re-create the sound of Person Pitch verbatim. There’s a reason he’s famous and not you… and he’s not about to leave fans hanging.

For today, however, I have a very rare treat for you! Yes music can be rare! Although it’s becoming ridiculously easy to obtain, music is a collectible. The larger your playlist, the better music collector you are. And of course certain gems stand out, capping your collection as complete, unique as your musical tastes hopefully are. After all, you’re only as hip as the amount of bands you listen to which others have never heard of.

Circulatory System is basically what remains of The Olivia Tremor Control after their 1999 break-up. And although there are rumors that The Olivia Tremor Control is getting back together to record another album, Circulatory System has been tearing up the scene in the meantime. But let me take a second and tell you, finding the album which I will introducing in a second, took me nearly half a year scouring countless blogs and internet nooks, back in 2008. I am serious about the rare concept.

Circulatory System’s 2001 self-titled debut album took that beautiful heavily Beatles influenced psychedelic rock sound The Olivia Tremor Control is know for, and expanded upon it. They added elements of drone and indie, and washed everything down with ample amounts of love and magic.

I dare you to tell me what this song is missing. The Lovely Universe has it all – catchy lyrics, warm riffs, a driving beat, a nice sounding synth, and heaps of effects and noises. The song rides waves in a most professional manner – throwing up’s, lows, bridges, and free-falls all within matters of seconds. And the only real grievance one could really have is that it might be the more pop-sounding song on the album. But then again that should make it better. Remember, it’s the best pop song that no one’s heard of.

The remaining 21 songs on the album easily make it one of the best undergrounds albums ever! I can and will just throw examples at your ears.

Joy. The name itself describes everything that psychedelia is supposed to represent! If you don’t like this song, you simply have no soul and should crawl back under the mass media rock from whence you came. This band manages to create in 2 minutes and 7 seconds an experience easily worth years and years of your time and thought. Listen to the lyric. In my ideal world, all lyrics would sound like this. I can understand them and they sound amazing, bridging the gap between drone and pop. The song builds and builds and simply ends, begging to be repeated.

“Looping scenes over geometry”. This final song, Inside Blasts, at almost 6 minutes can be considered an epic on this album full of shorts. And epic it definitely is. The minute long intro is probably one of the most subtle and low-key ones known to man, as it seems to build a lot more than it actually does. A “looping” transition and the mini-drop at 0:55 brings in sweetest cello riff ever. From there the song continues to take you on a slow-motion roller coaster, displaying the band’s mastery at song-writing. “Fools, if you’re waiting on some paradise, don’t forget your lives” The lyrics are down-right chilling, but only in the most awe inspiring and dream-worthy of ways. The song ends, “Looping”, appropriate and lulling, with a neutral sense of longing (for more).

This is a band which truly delivers. The album effectively captures the essence of a magic trip and conveys as beautiful sounds entering your mind via waves and instilling within you amazing feelings. Recommendation would an understating reality.

At some point during the writing of this post, I decided to order a physical copy of the CD, and am very anxious to gawk at it beauty. You saw the album art on the youtube videos right? I am a huge fan of album art and this CD is particularly cool, and rare. Also remember that, just as The Olivia Tremor’s CD’s always do, the CD version will reveal so much more sound then the MP3 version could dream of handling. It will be like listening to completely new songs! My perfectly justified excitement is building by the second!

Well this post concludes another double-weekend. Gotta now prepare for spring-break part two, and finally finish my music and write my novel. lol



P.S. No I won’t link the website where I purchased the CD. It’ll be my prized rarity!

2 Responses to “Circulatory System – S/T”

  1. Tel-X June 6, 2011 at 4:35 pm #

    I entirely agree. I found OTC through CS, and the pursuit of everything Will Cullen Hart has touched has been relentless ever since. He’s a truly gifted master of Psychedelia. When I read he was suffering from MS I was devastated for him. I hope OTC’s 3rd sees the light of day pretty soon. It would make up for CS cancelling their London live date last year.

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