Classic Guitar Store Riffs – The Kinks to Reunite? – Dowd vs. Dylan

11 Apr

So is it functional?

I remember going to Guitar Center in 10th grade to pick out my first acoustic guitar. I ended up with a starter set, but that is besides the point. When I was walking around the store, a customer was testing out a Gibson on a bench next to an amplifier. He was trucking through some noticeable riffs and performing them with technical proficiency. I feel like every aspiring guitarist has had this moment in their playing career. Someone at the music store serenading shoppers with their version of “Stairway to Heaven.” Well, for those who have mastered some of these famous riffs, a guitar store is a good place to go if you want to attract attention. It’s easy to plug in an expensive guitar and play. But, before you drive over to a music store, take a look at this list of top ten riffs to play with your borrowed gear.


Ray Davis Wants a Kinks Reunion

The Kinks potential reunion tour has been derailed twice over the past ten years. First, Peter Quaife developed kidney problems in 2000, and then talks of only three members playing shows were thrown off with Dave Davies‘ stroke in 2004. Quaife unfortunately passed away in 2010 and the band immediately went down to three. According to a Rolling Stone interview with Ray Davies, Ray is meeting with his brother Dave (now fully recovered). A potential reunion tour can be on the horizon, and, because of what seems to happen when reunion tours are discussed, it may be best for the band to immediately play some shows. I know fans would be on board for that.



Dylan’s China Concerts – Selling out?

Maureen Dowd is a great columnist for the New York Times. Her commentaries are thought-provoking and refreshing, and many rebuke her points of attack with intensity. On April 9, she posted a scathing column entitled “Blowin’ in the Idiot Wind,” where she calls Bob Dylan an ultimate sell out for allowing the Chinese Ministry to disallow him from performing his famous protest songs. Dowd reminds readers that Dylan did walk out on The Ed Sullivan Show when he was told he could not play “Talkin’ John Birch Paranoid Blues.” He was 22 years old back then. He is now 69.

I don’t know what to make of Dowd’s comments. She, in a sense, is completely correct. Dylan, who firmly warned against government oppression in his lyric, gave into China, the quintessential quiet oppressive government. You are told to practice what you preach, and Dylan did not follow this sentiment. Dylan was a protester. Dylan fought. But, that was over 40 years ago. Age is no excuse of selling out. I am not attempting to defend Dylan in my comments. Perhaps his reasoning for the China concert was pure selfishness. He is a consummate performer and maybe he just wanted to finally take his talents to China for a show, despite their restrictions. I am not sure. I do agree that he did sell out. I am just not sure to what extent.

Check out Dowd’s column:

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