No “King of Limbs” Sequel – Rolling Stone Top Lead Singers

14 Apr

King of Limbs Sequel Denied

Despite the optimistic thoughts of Radiohead fans, guitarist Ed O’Brien crushed the rumors that there will be a sequel to Radiohead’s recent release King of Limbs.

“There are [other] songs that we have started, that we never finished, but there’s not like seven or eight finished songs waiting in the wings to be released now, or in the autumn, or something,” O’Brien said in an interview with BBC. “When we start a new record, we tend to start afresh. It’s kind of an evolutionary thing– only the fittest survive.”

I had a hunch that there would be a second release, so I am surprised by the news. It seemed all-to-perfect. Perhaps that is why there will be no sequel. It would’ve been too predicted by fans. Radiohead prefers to work in spontaneity and secrecy.


Rolling Stone Readers Prefer Plant

In the world of lead singers, few command the stage with an excellent voice and flavor. Rolling Stone asked readers to vote on the top lead singer ever, and readers responded by picking Robert Plant. Robert Plant is the wrong choice. He is a product of misguided voting. I wouldn’t even put Plant in my top 10. I find his voice to be arrogant. By arrogant, I mean that his screech is annoying and disingenuous and his sneer is self-indulgent. His voice is not authentic and, therefore, should not be on the list. But, he is voted among the top vote getters in every poll and this is because of the success of Led Zeppelin, who are also horribly overrated.

So, who is the greatest lead singer of all time? Do you ever have to ask? Just, listen.

Freddie Mercury possessed the perfect rock voice. His voice maintains perfect timber while traveling into different realms of passion. His voice leads a song better than any lead singer was ever able to do. On the list, he is #2, and while this is a good placement, it is disrespectful for a singer of his quality.

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