Three in Three: The Mad Pride

23 Apr

Five-Pointed Star inside a Peace Sign with the Vitruvian Man (Pentacle Da Vinci Peace). I think this is trying to say something!

Welcome to a special installment at the Music Court. Yes, we tend to have many special sections, but it’s all the better to keep you readers on your toes. Three in Three is a fancy way of saying that I will profile three bands in three days. Three exciting bands that are making some fantastic music. Let’s start with The Mad Pride.

The Mad Pride, named after the same-name term of the movement of mental health services users and their allies, definitely targets the mind with their music. The brain-child of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Rowan Galagher, The Mad Pride hail from Wollongong, New South Wales Australia. This is a good example of why I love the Internet. The Mad Pride is from Australia. I am from New York. For those unsure about geographical differences and distances, Australia is far far away from New York. Yet, I can listen to music from this band because of the wonders of the Web. That’s pretty sweet, especially because The Mad Pride is making great music.

The Mad Pride has released three albums during the span of 2009-now. And, during this album catharsis, there has been an attempt to label the band in a certain genre. For some reason, we, the music public, feel the need to genre-specify every band we hear. We need to link them to other acts as well, in an obvious attempt to make our listen more comfortable. It is an odd necessity, but not surprising when you look at the human need for specificity. The Mad Pride does not fit neatly into a genre and because of this, the band has been labeled many different sub-genres. I will admit it, I always fall into the trap of searching for correct genre placement. Because of my commonality, let me try.

The Mad Pride focuses on dark, folk melodies that set a deep melodic picture. This, like a background on a portrait, allows for rich, experimental sounds to be added like fresh brush strokes, and, of course a voice. Galagher’s voice can be best described as theatrically quiet. It is a tender whisper that projects, a rare ability that soothes the listener while sending them into a near mental state of somber wonder.

In saying that, I believe the Mad Pride is a good example of Folk Noir (“dark folk”) that also plays with some late 60’s dark psychedelic folk melodies. Galagher has been compared to Syd Barrett and the comparison is apt. While Galagher has less of a psychedelic concentration, his music takes on a similar feel to post-Floyd Barrett. Galagher’s voice also reminds me of a toned down Roger Waters and Thom Yorke (to a lesser extent).

Follow this link: and listen to “Virus With a Violin” and “Lion in a Cage,” my two favorite songs, and listen to vocal complexities paired with the caliginous melodies.

Interested in being featured on the Music Court? Send your information to and I’ll be happy to take a listen.

One Response to “Three in Three: The Mad Pride”

  1. themadpride November 4, 2013 at 9:30 pm #

    Thanks again for your kind words. Scary Poppins has recently been remixed, remastered and reissued with a previously unavailable bonus track. It is free to download on Soundcloud:

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