The Koobas Play “Sweet Music”

19 May

I will be a graduate of Binghamton University on Sunday. For some graduates the prospect of graduation seems unbelievable or “scary.” The word scary is thrown around. I am embracing graduation. I cannot wait to get out into the world of journalism and hopefully enjoy the fruits of my labor. This will most likely be my last post as an undergraduate and it leaves an opening for some nostalgia. I started this blog at my wise brother’s urging after I finished Sophomore year. Since then, The Music Court has amassed over 400,000 views and, while this statement does seem trite, it is because of the support of you all. Thank you to all my faithful readers and I hope to continue to provide you with enjoyable music writing as I enter into the post-undergraduate world.

We are in the early morning hours and I wanted to do a quick song of the day prior to going to sleep. The Koobas are The Beatles that never happened. The emerged as a Beat group from Liverpool in 1962 (two years after the Beatles) and were signed by Brian Epstein (The Beatles’ manager) in 1964. Heck, The Koobas even toured with The Beatles as their opening act during The Beatles’ last British tour. Yet, despite the connection with the most successful band ever, The Koobas could never catch a hint of success and fell off into obscurity, reserved for future listeners of 60’s music lovers. Here is my favorite song by The Koobas, the 1966 single “Sweet Music”

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