If Only She Was Lying to Me – King Crimson Rules

23 May

Bob Dylan Was Addicted to Heroin?

Link: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/bob-dylan-admits-heroin-addiction-in-newly-released-1966-interview-20110523

On Sunday I graduated Binghamton University. One of the many reasons that I received my degree was because of academic integrity. In other words, I didn’t lie. On the heels of his 70th birthday, I can confidently say that Bob Dylan certainly does not get an A in honesty class.

Okay, that was a miserable transition, but I did want to mention my graduation. Yes, I am officially an alumnus of Binghamton University. How does that sound? I am back on Long Island and writing this post in my permanent room. My next room may be one that I own and that is certainly an odd prospect. But, until then, I remain a resident at home (which is not a bad thing at all) and since I have a little more time during the summer you all will see new categories and longer feature posts over the upcoming weeks. Sound good?

We begin with Monday’s staple (music news). According to Rolling Stone (link included above), Bob Dylan kicked a heroin addiction that he picked up after arriving in New York City. He told this to New York Times writer Robert Shelton on a plane from Lincoln, Nebraska to Denver during the 1966 Electric tour. But this newly released admission is already receiving many B.S. calls. Remember, Dylan is well known for his love of fiction. He did claim that he worked as a male prostitute after moving to New York. With all of these claims, I’m starting to think that Dylan is more of a “Midnight Cowboy” inspiration, rather than a folk/rock pioneer. Did he kick a heroin habit? Who knows. My guess is no. Dylan loves storytelling. That is one of the reasons his lyric is legendary. That is the issue. The man lives in the fictional world of song.


“In The Court of the Crimson King” #1

Link: http://www.popmatters.com/pm/feature/141547-best-25-rock-songs-of-all-time/P4

Peter Sinfield

King Crimson‘s “In The Court of the Crimson King” was named the #1 progressive rock song in an enjoyable list by Sean Murphy of PopMatters. Murphy writes:

“Virtually any song from this album could ably represent the whole, but the title track is an unsettling, ceaselessly astonishing track that is at once the introduction and apotheosis of what progressive rock became. It has all the important elements: impeccable musicianship from all players, rhythmic complexity, socially-conscious lyrics and an outsider’s perspective that is neither disaffected nor nihilistic.”

Eloquently put and absolutely correct. King Crimson’s impact on progressive rock cannot go understated. Any mention of the genre without talk of this supergroup is a crime. The band simply oozed with talent and this song is no different. The lyric of this Crimson classic is poetic and medieval. It is a creative image of hell and it comes from the mind of Peter Sinfield, the true unsung hero of the band. So, while you enjoy the song make sure to also respect the lyric.

The rusted chains of prison moons
Are shattered by the sun.
I walk a road, horizons change
The tournament’s begun.
The purple piper plays his tune,
The choir softly sing;
Three lullabies in an ancient tongue,
For the court of the Crimson King.
The keeper of the city keys
Put shutters on the dreams.
I wait outside the pilgrim’s door
With insufficient schemes.
The black queen chants
the funeral march,
The cracked brass bells will ring;
To summon back the fire witch
To the court of the Crimson King.
The gardener plants an evergreen
Whilst trampling on a flower.
I chase the wind of a prism ship
To taste the sweet and sour.
The pattern juggler lifts his hand;
The orchestra begin.
As slowly turns the grinding wheel
In the court of the Crimson King.
On soft grey mornings widows cry
The wise men share a joke;
I run to grasp divining signs
To satisfy the hoax.
The yellow jester does not play
But gently pulls the strings
And smiles as the puppets dance
In the court of the Crimson King.

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