Musical Lexicon – “Album of the Year” – My Answers

27 May

Yikes, my bad. Between graduation, job searching and birthday planning, I’ve completely forgotten the blag. Hopefully you all used the extra time to come up with a nice good list. Here’s mine…

Topic – Months


St. Patrick’s Day – John Mayer

” Come January we’re frozen inside, making new resolutions a hundred times.”


Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

“Every February, you’ll be my Valentine”


A Plain Morning – Dashboard Confessional

“It’s colder than it ought to be in March


That’s Life – Frank Sinatra

“You’re ridin’ high in April…”


Girls – The Beastie Boys

“That was to years ago this May.”


Army – Ben Folds Five

“Citing artistic differences, the band broke up in May, and in June reformed without me…”


4th of July – Azure Ray

“I remember the 4th of July so well…”


August – Rilo Kiley

August. August of last year, before the leaves disappeared”


September Grass – James Taylor

“Won’t you lie down with me in the September grass?”


October Leaves – The Good Life

“As the groundskeeper rakes up the October leaves, it occurs to me, these trees can’t hide anything…”


Winter – Joshua Radin

“I remember the sounds of your November downtown”


I Remember – Damien Rice

“I remember… I remember December

Seems to me like months and remembering things kinda go hand in hand, lyrically anyway. I’ll have the next topic up ASAP. I’ve gotten some comments that some of these topics have been a bit too difficult, so I may try to make things a little easier. We’ll see.

One Response to “Musical Lexicon – “Album of the Year” – My Answers”

  1. Anthony Zampardi July 10, 2011 at 12:55 pm #

    June use to be Drops of Jupiter. It has since been reassigned, because I make up the game, and I make up the rules.

    Deal with it.

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